Hello NOT First Day of VPK

My Sweet Girl! Today you were supposed to start your first year of school.

Although it was “only” VPK, I know how long you’ve been waiting for today, and it breaks my heart that you don’t get to experience it.

Every couple of days you’d say “I hope Coronavirus goes away soon so I can go to school”, and every time I had to explain to you that it probably wasn’t going to happen, and here we are.

I know that we might not have it “as bad” as everyone else, (I truly cannot imagine having to do Virtual School with you right now) but I’m still very very sad today.

I’m sad because you’re sad. I know how much you were looking forward to making new friends and being in a classroom. How excited you were to go shopping for a backpack and school supplies, and now we have to wait 1 more year. ️

I’m sad because I won’t get to see you perform on what would have been your first holiday show, or have Mother’s Day Tea with you at school, or watch you graduate for the first time as you say bye to Pre-K and hello to Elementary School.

I’m absolutely thankful for the extra year you get to spend home with me.  I’ll cherish every minute (even the hard ones) and I promise to make the best out of your at home VPK experience.

You’re so smart! At only 4 years old you’re already reading, you can write, you know basic math and you just LOVE to learn which makes me so proud.
Thank you for your love of learning, you make it easy for me!

I have no doubt that your school journey will be an amazing one, it’s just going to take a little longer for it to start.

I’m sorry today wasn’t what you wanted it to be, but together, we got this!

I love you so much my smart girl!

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