Baby 3 FAQ

Thank you all for the sweetest messages! ❤️
This baby is already so so loved!

I wanted to answer my Top 5 most asked questions from my DMs on Instagram in one post to keep everything organized and easily accessible!

What made you start trying for a third?
We didn’t! Baby was a “surprise” for us – like Emma & Owen (and our 👼🏻) were!
I mean, hubby and I know how babies are made, and we knew what we were doing..
But we honestly never “started trying” or tracked or made solid plans for ANY of our babies!
All of our babies were just meant to be! And honestly, that’s how my husband and I always wanted it to be – beautiful surprises!

How did you find out you were pregnant?
I knew something was off, but I was too early to test.
On Jaime’s birthday I woke up and my boobs were KILLING me! Burning and hurting and this never ever happens so I finally tested with a regular test and it was negative!
A few hours later I was at Target getting his last birthday presents and my friend told me to get and early response test so I did, went home, tested and saw a very very faint line! Jaime and I couldn’t believe it!!!
I tested again and again and again for like 10 days, just watching that second line get darker and finally missing my period. It was for real – we had another little baby on the way!!!

How excited are the kids?
SO excited!! They both kiss my belly every single day, and say how they can’t wait for their baby.
Emma checks my baby apps every Friday for a new weekly update and loves to tell everyone how big baby is! And Owen keeps saying that he just wants the baby to be here already!

What’s the gender?
I always said that if I had a third baby I’d wanna keep it a surprise until birth, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet!

How/Why did you hide your pregnancy?
I didn’t!
All of my family and friends knew I was pregnant really early, because I found out SUPER early!
I never hid it from anyone, I just didn’t talk about it online until now!
Also, because of the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s, all of my appointments were pushed back, so I was behind on all my doctors appointments and didn’t want to announce anything publicly until I was comfortable. That’s it!


BONUS: My due date is July 8th! But for some reason I bet baby will come early! 🙂

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