Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration


I cannot believe that I’m about to create my THIRD Nursery! Ahhh!
Well, technically 4th because we moved when I was pregnant with Baby 2, and so I had to design Baby 1’s nursery for the new house!
It’s so exciting, and for a long time I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get the chance to do this!

If you’ve been following along for a while you know that I love white furniture, especially for kids’ rooms and spaces, so this new nursery wouldn’t be any different!

I got the baby’s crib and dresser from Storkcraft. I like the simple models of both pieces.
I also like the gender neutral look for both pieces.

The nightstand I’ve had since Emma’s Nursery, and it keep moving around from room to room!
It started in Emma’s Nursery, then went to Owen’s Nursery, then my office, and now the new baby’s nursery!

The mattress we chose this time is a little pricey, but 100% worth it in my opinion.
Not only is it super safe for a baby, but my kiddos use their crib mattress all the way up until they have a toddler bed, and with both kiddos I have had to buy and ADDITIONAL mattress when they got a little older because the cheaper mattresses got ruined from them either standing in the middle waiting to be taken out of the crib, or just their body molding into the mattress.
So I ended up paying for 2 cheaper mattresses in the end, for the price of ONE Newton Mattress! Super worth it if you ask me!

For the diaper pail we are going with the Ubbi this time!
I saw it online, read amazing reviews, then saw it in person and was sold!
It’s aesthetically pleasing, yes – but according to reviews it does an amazing job keeping odor trapped – which is so super important, especially after dealing with a bad diaper pail with Emma that made her room STINK! Ugh, it was a nightmare!
Another thing I love about the Ubbi Diaper Pail is that we don’t have to buy any specific bags for it! That’s a huge win because who wants an additional cost?!

We own and LOVE the Hatch Rest Sound & Light Machine! It’s in Owen’s Room and he does not wanna give his up – so we need an additional one for baby! It’s so awesome not only for a baby, but as your kiddo grows! You can make schedules, choose different lights and colors settings along with different sounds and songs.
We schedule it for Owen and he loves it. Every night it lights up blue (this was Owen’s choice) and plays Twinkle Twinkle – again, his choice – and it plays all night long. When it’s time for him to wake up, it lights up green and the music stops, letting him know it’s ok to get up! Amazing!

I love the Hatch Changing Table, especially as a breastfeeding mom!
You weigh your baby before you breastfeed, and after you breastfeed to see about how many ounces baby drank. While I don’t rely on this 100%, it’s nice to get an idea of how much baby is drinking, since with breastfeeding you don’t have a bottle to measure out the milk.
Plus, it looks super nice and pretty, which is always a plus!

I’m reusing Emma & Owen’s glider and ottoman, which looks like it has been discontinued, so I’m linking a similar one!
I’m team glider instead of wooden rocking chair because it’s so much more comfortable, spacious and nicer looking too! And the prices are pretty comparable depending on what set you get.
Our glider set looks new, and it’s 7 years old, and will be used with our 3rd baby!
It’s my favorite place to sit and breastfeed, or rock baby to sleep!

And finally I have an 8 cube storage in baby’s nursery, where I plan on using it for an extra storage piece, and Montessori Toy Shelf! I’m reusing Emma’s old one from IKEA that she doesn’t need anymore, but that one is sold out, so I’m linking a similar one!

I hope this helps guide you a bit through nursery shopping!

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