It’s a Boy – Gender Reveal

Owen is about to be 1 (where has the time gone?) and I realized that I never shared his Gender Reveal pictures!

We found out that Owen was a boy on our 12 week ultrasound check up! He was not shy and showed the tech, Jaime and I that he was a HE! Lol! He was rolling around with his legs wide open and there it was.. BOY!

So although Jaime and I knew that he was a boy right away, we kept it a secret and did our baby announcement photoshoot a little differently, we also made it a gender reveal shoot!

For our gender reveal we chose to do smoke bombs! We got the idea from our friend and photographer Amanda and loved it! I knew right away that that’s how I wanted to announce that I was having a baby boy!

Check out my favorite pictures from our photoshoot below. <3

We were so excited to be adding a little guy to the family!!! Our little party of 3 was becoming a party of 4 in the best way possible!

Big Sister looking less than thrilled, lol! I’m pretty sure she just didn’t care to smile at the camera, because at this point she had NO IDEA how much her life would be changing!

It’s so funny, looking back at these pictures because she still makes that same face and side eye when she does not want to deal with whatever is going on at the moment!

So in love with my little family! ♥ One of each!
A princess and now a prince!

Can you say cutest Big Sister EVER?! I miss her big blue eyes!
Still sad that they got darker!

Proud Mommy & Daddy!

Did you have a Gender Reveal Photoshoot? If not, would you?
I think they are a super cute way to not only announce your baby’s gender to the world, but also to have as a beautiful memory! IF we ever decide on a third baby I want to keep their gender a secret since I already have a girl and a boy. 🙂

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