Finding Out About Baby #2 – 2nd Baby Guilt!!!

I’m pregnant again.
I’m pregnant AGAIN.

 It’s weird and funny how a body just knows, because I KNEW!
And this time I found out super early, because I KNEW!

It was funny telling my husband because he did not believe me at all at first, he thought I was messing with him.
The second line on the pregnancy test was still very very faint, and he thought that it wasn’t real, but… I KNEW!

The next day I took another test, and the line was not really fainted, but my husband STILL didn’t believe me. He was in denial because we literally had just started to “not prevent” pregnancy anymore just days before, so it was really shocking that it all happened so quickly!


Days later he got another test with a digital display, and low and behold:


I was pregnant. I was really really pregnant.

I must admit, my first reaction was more of an “Oh sh*t!” than a “Yay!”, mostly because it happened basically first try, and because the guilt I felt over having another baby so close to Emma.
I felt like I was being selfish, wanting another baby when I had a little baby right here in my arms! The thought of keeping her from enjoying being an only child for longer was making me sad. The thought of having to share my time with her was making me upset as well.

Then, I thought to myself, stop it! Stop thinking like that!
What about this poor baby you are already neglecting?!
Now, I wouldn’t really say neglecting lol, that’s just me overreacting! But that’s what I had to tell myself right then and there to stop feeling guilty.
Because seriously, this poor baby would never be an only child, he/she would never know what it was like to be the only baby in the house, the only one to get attention, the only one we had to worry about and care for, and Emma did/will have that!
So even though no, Emma won’t be our only baby anymore, by the time the new baby gets here, she will have known for almost 2 years what it was like to have everyone’s attention only for herself, and that’s more than this new baby would ever have!

I’ve read articles, and know that I’m not the only one who gets the second baby guilt, it’s totally normal! At the same time it’s not something you want to feel.
I’m happy I got over it quickly, but it’s something I definitely felt when I found out about Baby #2.

Nowadays I still catch myself feeling guilty here and there, but I am so excited for this new little baby to arrive and get rid of my constant baby fever.
I miss those squishy newborn days, and  I cannot wait to get some cuddles, and see Emma as a big sister too!

This new baby will bring us all so much joy, which he/she already has!
But when he/she gets here, oh my goodness! Baby Bliss!!! I feel so blessed! ♥

Did you have second (or third or fourth…) baby guilt?
How long did it take you to get over it?
Share your experience with me below!

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