Week 23 – Baby #2

How Far Along: 23 Weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight Gain: So I haven’t really been weighing myself, but it looks like it’s almost 10 pounds according to the doctor’s office.
Maternity Clothes: Yup!
Sleep: Ugh, still not that great, unfortunately.
Best Moment This Week: Halloween! It’s Mommy’s favorite, and we went trick or treating. Emma was such a trooper! And our new neighborhood ROCKS!
Worst Moment This Week: Mommy started feeling some heartburn. It hurts!
Miss Anything: Eating salami!
Movement: YES! I feel you so much!!! I love it. ♥
Cravings: I want lunch meat really badly. 🙁
Queasy or Sick: Heartburn
Have You Started To Show Yet: Yes
Gender Prediction: You’re a boy!
Labor Signs: Nope!
Belly Button In or Out? Kinda flat, kinda out.
Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on!
Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Happy! 🙂
Looking Forward To: Feeling you more and more and more! It’s the best!

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