My First Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day started by driving back home from Orlando.
We had a super last minute trip to Magic Kingdom! You can read about it HERE.

We drove to my parent’s house to give my mom her present, we got her an iPhone 6S – she had been dying for a new phone, so Jaime and I had decided that we would get her one. We spent a few minutes with my parents, then went home to relax a little.

We got home and Emma was very cranky, I’m sure tired from being in the car for so long, and just tired in general from our long day at Disney. I fed her and laid with her for a little while, then when she fell asleep I got dressed to go visit one of my dearest friends in the hospital. I really wanted to see her, especially since it was Mother’s Day and she’s “baking” Emma’s best friend in her belly – so it was her “first” (unofficial) Mother’s Day!

After I got back home from the hospital we rushed to get ready for dinner. We had reservations for a hibachi dinner, we were all so excited for the food because it’s super yummy, but we were even more excited to watch Emma watch the cook, since they cook right in front of you and make crazy flames go up and stuff.

I made Jaime get some shots of Emma and I before dinner, he wasn’t very happy because he didn’t want to be late, but look how cute they came out:



At dinner we had to wait 49 minutes to eat. FORTY NINE MINUTES! I was hungry, exhausted, it was Emma’s bed time and all I kept thinking about was how I had to be up at 5AM for work the next day. We finally got sat, and the slow process began, drink order, soup, salad, we fed Emma some dinner and distracted her with Puffs and Yogurt Melts, and finally the cook shows up.

Emma was a trooper! I swear this girl is so brave. Huge flames went up, the cooked banged and banged and banged his spatula and she did not care at all!
By the time the food was done, Emma was also done, and it was almost 10PM so I was done too! I ended up not even eating my dinner, and just cuddled her as she dozed off. I’m used to always taking my food to go nowadays.



I am so thankful to be a mommy to the best little girl I have ever met. She is so sweet, and so calm, she only cries when she needs something or really doesn’t like something, she’s so “chill” – for a lack of better word. I ask God every day – “How did I get so lucky?!” I must have done something right in this world to deserve this gift. I can’t wait to celebrate this day with Emma, and her future sibling(s?) and to start getting little handmade cards and projects from school – those are the best, I love making them with my students for their moms!

I hope all you mamas reading this had a great Mother’s Day with your babies and families! What an amazing thing it is to be a Mom.

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