Halloween 2016 – Snow White Edition

This year we (I) decided to do a Snow White theme for our family costumes because I thought Emma would have made the cutest Snow White, and boy was I right!!!
She was such a ham and seemed to really love her costume. She was cute looking at herself in the mirror, and she thankfully let me get some great shots of her all dressed up!

I was the Evil Queen and since hubby didn’t want to be a dwarf (understandable) or the prince, I told him he should just be The Huntsman and it all worked out perfectly! He went to the store last minute and got some sort of Robin Hood costume I think, but he looked the part, so that’s all that mattered!

Enjoy the cuteness below!

Our costumes were a hit with friends and family, and even around the neighborhood when we went trick or treating. Emma behaved so well! She got a little whiny towards the end but a Banana Split Dum Dum fixed that up realllll quick, lol. She made such a mess that at one of the houses I saw there was a baby there so I asked for a baby wipe instead of candy and they sure delivered! So nice!
We were out for about 3 hours, much longer than I expected us to be, but we lost track of time since our new neighborhood rocks! Our neighbors seriously go all out, and I was so surprised to see so many houses participating, and so many kids out on a Monday night! I am so excited that my kids will get to grow up here and have amazing Halloweens every year.

We have houses that set up a tent with a popcorn machine, another one that does snow cones, one that does hamburgers and hot dogs, and one that has a fondue machine and jello shots for the parents! WHAT!!! Some houses also set up haunted houses, they seriously go all out!

I unfortunately didn’t take my camera out with me this year, but I will make sure to bring it along next year, especially since Emma will be older, and be able to go up to the houses herself and say Trick or Treat! Ah, I can’t wait!!! 🙂

Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday! Now that I have Emma, I’m sure Christmas will be my favorite since all holidays are so much better in the eyes of a child, but for now, Halloween continues to be my number 1.

How was YOUR Halloween? What did your littles dress up as?
Let me know below!

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