Visiting Santa – 2017

We managed to visit Santa “early” this year! Last year we rushed the day before Christmas Eve to get a quick picture of Emma with Santa and she was not having it! Jaime and I had to jump in the picture, and even then, Emma was not happy. See above, haha!

This year I was so excited to take the kids to visit Santa because it’s going to be Owen’s First Christmas and Emma actually kiiind of understands who Santa is.

Owen clearly was not phased haha! I wanted to get a picture of him by himself this year since it’s his first time meeting Santa! We usually always get a family picture but this year our photographer was not very nice at all!

Because we didn’t have the best photographer, unfortunately not only did we not get a family picture, we also didn’t get a nice picture of the kids smiling. 🙁

Although you can’t tell from this picture, Emma LOVED Santa! ? She was so excited to see him, and she even told him what she wanted for Christmas! ?? Which apparently is a “bunny toy”! ? Not sure what she means by that, but I know that Santa will figure it out! ?

It really stinks that the photographer was not patient at all and snapped their picture as soon as I sat Emma down instead of waiting a minute so she could realize what was going on! ? Oh well…

At least I got some cute pictures from my phone.. Bad quality because it was dark and I had to zoom, but I’m thankful for these! 🙂

How did your kids do with Santa this year? I can’t wait for Christmas with these two!!!

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