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I feel like I am always talking about how much I love shopping small! But I can’t help it, I love the idea of supporting people instead of big companies, especially since a lot of small shop owners are moms like myself! Or even dads too!

This year for Emma’s stocking stuffers, I wanted to get her a bunch of small shop goodies, and that’s exactly what I did! ūüôā


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I talked about how much I love ZDough in this post. I love the red one with Emma’s name, it’s so festive and cute for the holidays!¬†ZDough is a silky play dough made of household ingredients with vibrant colors and natural scents, in this case strawberry for red, yum!

I love to take pictures, so when I saw this Polaroid Camera Wood Teething Rattle from Finn & Emma I just HAD to get it for Emma! This wood teething rattle is made from Indian hardwood, finished with natural vegetable seed wax, and stuffed with beans to make noise.

One of my favorite bow shops is PStyleHart! The mama maker behind it is my good friend Jen. These bows are super well made, and they are attached to a soft nylon headband that doesn’t leave marks on Emma’s head. They are comfortable and I don’t feel bad leaving them on Emma’s head all day, if she leaves them on of course! Use code “EMMA10” when ordering. ūüôā

The only pacifier clips we use are these adorable clips from Templeton Silver. Not only are they beautiful, these pacifier clips are sterling and beaded clips that turn into a keepsake bracelet for mom after baby outgrows the pacifier stage.. In my case I’ve already worn some as bracelets here and there, haha! But my favorite part, besides the look of these clips is that they have 85% less bacteria than cloth or plastic pacifier clips. I ALWAYS get compliments on Emma’s paci clips when we go out, people can’t believe that something so pretty is a pacifer clip! Use code “EMMA” when ordering.¬†‚ô•


Emma has become so curious nowadays and wants to do everything I do. So this adorable makeup set from Baby Face Makeup was a must! Baby Face Makeup is 100% mess free and non-transferable, so there is no worrying about Emma putting chemicals on her sensitive skin, or making a mess around the house!


Twistshake Bottles are my favorite bottles! They are super cute and colorful, but best of all they have anti-colic nipples and have a mixer net! Their unique mixer net effectively dissolves the solution and reduces the risks of clogging. The sensitive vault in the nipple ventilates the bottle and prevents the creation of a vacuum which helps reduce colic and also makes sure the flow is even. Use code “BUMPTOBABY20” when ordering.

And finally, I’ve been eyeing this cute nightlight for a long time. I recently ran across it on Amazon and I just had to get it! It’s so pretty and sweet!

I can’t believe that next year I’ll have TWO stockings to fill! Even better that one will be for a girl and the other for a boy, so fun!
What are some things you got for your toddler’s stocking?

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