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Mirror (Similar) | Flower Vase Set (Similar) | Fake Purple Flowers (Similar)
Hello Board | House Vase | Fake Eucalyptus Flowers (Similar)
Letter M | Picture Frame (Similar) | Family Drawing – Use code BUMPTOBABY
Lantern | Wire Basket (Similar) | Faux Fur Rug | Welcome Y’all Frame

When house hunting for our new (forever) home, I wanted many things – a pool, nice floors, 4 bedrooms, etc.
One thing that I really really wanted was an entryway big enough for me to put a table on.
I had always wanted to have an entryway table to decorate for each holiday and each season.
I wanted it to be a nice “welcome” piece, the first thing people saw when they walked into our house.

When we found our new home I was so excited! It truly was everything I wanted in a house and more!
When looking for the perfect entryway table I wanted to make sure that it would match our floors.
I looked at Target, Home Goods and other home stores but ended up finding the perfect one on Amazon!

Pictured below is what our entryway table looks like most of the time.
If there’s no big holiday or a big season change I usually just leave it as is.
I went to many different stores to complete the look. I purchased almost everything separately and from different stores.

I have linked as many exact items as I could find online, along with some similar ones if I could not find the same item.
I looked around Target, Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find almost all of the pieces.

On the top I have a set of glass jars in a wire basket which I filled with pretty purple flowers and green stems.
Next to it I have a “Hello” wooden block I found at Hobby Lobby, I got it when they were having a 50% off sale on their home decor, which they do almost every other week, lol!
To the right of the Hello sign I have a house shaped vase from Hearth & Hand’s collection from Target. The vase size you see is the large one.
The marquee M is from Michael’s and the picture frame is from Home Goods.
In the picture is a hand drawn family picture from Malaika Grace Illustrations which is easily one of my favorite decor items in our whole house!

On the bottom part of the table I have a simple lantern I found at Hobby Lobby, which Emma and Owen love to fill with toys – lol!
A wire basket I found at Target with a folded up shag rug from IKEA and a little Welcome sign from Hobby Lobby.

Because I have two little kids who constantly mess with my decor, I had to keep it simple, and safe down there.
I make sure to only put items that don’t easily break, and things that can’t hurt them. 🙂

Overall I am pretty happy with the way my little entryway table looks!
What do you think?!
Let me know below! 🙂

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