Why Cricut Makes a Great Gift For the Holidays!

For Mother’s Day this year I only wanted one thing besides being around my kids, and that was a Cricut! πŸ™‚

I love creating and making things for myself, my family and my friends, and with a Cricut Machine, the possibilities are endless!

From being able to make my own shirts to match with my kids, to personalizing gifts for our family and friends, I am so glad to be able to take things into my own hands and just create!

Being able to let my creativity flow, and surprise myself with my ability to create cool things and come up with fun designs really brings me joy!

This year has been so hard on so many people, myself included, and I can honestly say that having a Cricut made my year a little easier!

I went from personalizing shirts, to personalizing face masks to make them look cuter – if we have to wear them, might as well make it fun and stylish, right?!

Thanks to my Cricut Machine I was able to celebrate the small things at home with my kids, like their favorite Disney Princess becoming QUEEN!
I got to make banners and confetti and cupcake tags and throw a 4 person Royal Ball!
We had so much fun and the kids still talk about it!

Thanks to my Cricut I was able to make Homeschool more fun by adding personal touches to our Homeschool Classroom, and making arts & crafts time so much easier having the Cricut cut out things for me, giving me more time to work on lesson plans instead of spending hours cutting out little pieces for the kids’ projects.

Thanks to my Cricut I was able to make fun gifts like Color Your Own Shirts for our friends and families to keep them busy on the extra boring days – and super stylish too with their own, original custom made design tee! πŸ™‚

Thanks to my Cricut we got to keep the tradition going of my daughter’s personalized birthday leotard even after the shop we used to order from closed down.
I got to make her leotard myself, which made it even more special!

There are so many more reasons on why a Cricut Machine makes the BEST gift, but I wanted to share some of mine.

If you’re thinking about getting a Cricut either for yourself or as a gift to someone, stop thinking about it and do it!
I promise you’ll love that decision so much!

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