Emma’s Unicorn Birthday

They say “better late than never” and I guess it’s right, because there’s no way that I can NOT share Emma’s beautiful Unicorn Party!

Emma LOVES Birthday Parties, so of course I just HAD to throw her a party of her own. I planned this party for a long time and let me tell you that I have the best friends ever who helped me put it all together the night before.

2 weeks before the day we had scheduled Emma’s party, a big hurricane threatened to hit us. It did end up coming through our town but thankfully there were no major accidents around us. You can read all about it HERE.
We lost our backyard fence, and a bunch of our friends ended up going out of town to escape it and sadly didn’t make it back in time for Emma’s party.

Regardless, there was no way that I was cancelling my girl’s party. It was smaller than we had planned for, and we had a ton of extra food, but watching her smile all day long made it all worth it!

I hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Outfit Details:
Emma’s Leotard is from Little Blessing Co
Tutu Skirt is from Kohl’s
Shoes are from Gymboree
Unicorn Headpiece from our friend Heather

Here are similar pieces:
Tutu 1 | Tutu 2 | Tutu 3
Gold Shoes 1 | Gold Shoes 2 | Gold Shoes 3
Unicorn Headpiece 1 | Unicorn Headpiece 2

Now enough about the outfit details, let’s talk about the cake table!

First of all, I was OBSESSED with Emma’s Unicorn Cake. We always get our cakes from a local baker – Jenna.
She is the sweetest (no pun intended) lady and her cakes are the BEST!
I was super picky about the unicorn horn, I’m sure you can take a guess why – LOL! And Jenna seriously made it look perfect!
The cookies were also made by Jenna – they were almost too cute to eat!

The cupcakes were bought at Publix, they were mostly for decoration since everyone always wants to eat the cake.

I got jumbo marshmallows and pretty sprinkles to decorate them with, all I did was melt icing, dip the marshmallows on the icing then dip the icing in the sprinkles!
Such an easy, quick and adorable way to make pretty sweets for the table.
The candy was purchased at Party City.

Most of the decor was purchased at Target, including the unicorn head on the wall.
That unicorn head “lives” in Emma’s bedroom, but I just had to bring her out to help decorate her party!

A lot of the decor was Spritz brand.
My friend Amanda had thrown her little girl’s Unicorn Party a couple of weeks prior to Emma’s so she was so nice to give us some pretty decor she had saved!

Unicorn Figurine | Straws | Large Paper Plates | Small Paper Plates
Table Cloth | Napkins | Banner | Unicorn Headbands
Unicorn Pinata | Unicorn Photo Booth Props

I was so happy with how everything came out, and I hope that you can find some inspiration for your own Unicorn Party!

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