Emma is a Party Animal!

Although we didn’t throw Emma a party this year, she really wanted a Party Animal Birthday Party!
So we compromised and I did a little Cake Table here at home, and had just our family come over to celebrate and watch her blow her candles!

Thanks to Amazon Prime I was able to quickly order and receive some decor like a backdrop and more and put this together for her!

Check out the details of her little celebration below:

I ordered a custom flavored plain cake from Publix, and decorated it with sprinkles.
And same for the cupcakes!

I got Animal Crackers cause – Party Animal!
And some golden animal toys to decorate.

The backdrop and table cloth were also from Amazon, along with the cake topper and cupcake toppers + edible leaves.

My Sweet SIX Year Old had the best time and loved how it all came out – and that is all that mattered to me!

Here are the links to all items in case you want to throw your own Party Animal Party:

Party Animal Backdrop
Leopard Table Cloth
Golden Animals Set with Leaves & Cupcake Toppers
Six Cake Topper
Golden Sprinkles Mix
Leaves Cupcake Toppers

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