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I used to be so good about posting a bi-monthly favorite list of Emma’s, and after 8 months I stopped, lol. I figured I would do a catch up post, of Emma’s favorite toys nowadays.

Emma is currently 16 months, and she LOVES to play! She has a newfound love for baby dolls and that makes me happy because since baby brother is coming soon, it’s cute to see her loving on her babies and taking care of them. My dad got her this little simple baby doll for Christmas that I let her take around, and she also got this doll that makes sounds when you touch buttons and/or feed her a bottle, Emma loves her and laughs at her.

Emma has been obsessed with Little People for the longest time now, and I swear we have a TON of them now, and a bunch of the sets. She likes this Preschool set she got for Christmas, and she still loves her Princess Castle. She has so many of the sets, and they all come with Little People she has the Camper, the SUV, the School Bus, the Farm and the Tractor that goes with the farm lol. So much Little People stuff!!!! But she truly loves and plays with all of them! Plus, they are great toys that baby brother will also get to enjoy later on, so I don’t mind having so many of those!

I feel like I post about Emma’s kitchen so much lol! But it’s still one of her favorite toys. She loves this ice cream set she has, she’s always playing with it and making everyone ice cream.

Emma really likes these cute, simple little stacking blocks, they’re colorful and she loves stacking them, sticking them inside each other and calling out the animals she sees on them, she’s also finally paying attention to this Rock-a-Stack that she has had for the longest time! Needless to say, she’s really enjoying stacking things, lol.

She still loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang, she loves to name them all and she carries them around the house. I got her these little figurines at the Dollar Tree as stocking stuffers and she loves them, but I also found this set online with all the main characters, except for Daisy! 🙁 Why is Daisy always missing? I feel like she’s more important than Pluto, lol! Anyway, Emma already has 2 Daisies anyway, one from this set, and another that came with her cool Minnie’s Shopping Mall, so it’s ok.

Bath time is Emma’s all time favorite time, and she LOVES to play with her tub toys. Before Christmas my husband found this little tub full of Bath Farm Animals and got it for her, and she just loves playing with them! I’m glad I found the Bath Farm Animals online in case I ever need to replace them because I haven’t seen them in stores again. She also likes these foam bath toys that stick to the wall.

And lastly, Emma has been in love with kitty cats! I think it has a lot to do with these annoying cats that sing on YouTube. Have you ever heard of Chu Chu TV? Omg, YouTube it! They’re too much, but I guess little kids love them because they are apparently super popular. Anyhow, I was at IKEA the other day, and I saw this toy cat that looked exactly like the cat that roams around outside our house and I just had to get it for her! She loves it and meows and hugs him all the time. It looks so real that it has scared me multiple times if it’s just sitting on the couch or hanging out on the floor on its paws lol.

What are some cool toys your young toddler loves? Share below!

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