What’s In Baby’s Hospital Bag? – 2nd Baby Edition

Packing baby’s bag is so much easier than packing my own Mom Bag lol!
I looked back at my Baby’s Hospital Bag post of when I had Emma and I was like “Really? That’s it? That’s all I took?!” and honestly, I took everything I needed! I never felt like I was missing anything and I didn’t feel like I packed extra things I didn’t use. I did a pretty good job if you ask me, haha! So this time around, I packed basically the same things, just this time it was blue blue blue and not so much pink lol!

Baby Bag Clothes

 For Baby Boy’s bag, as you can see I kind of have a “theme” going on… Blue, White and Gray and Stars! I have always loved stars, so I took advantage of this when getting things for Baby Boy. There are so many cute things, especially from Aden & AnaisAden & Anais has been a favorite, ever since before I had Emma. Not only are their things super cute, the quality of their products is amazing.

I packed Newborn sized and 0-3 Months sized onesies, just like I did with Emma because I don’t know what will fit Baby Boy until he gets here, so it’s good to have variety of different sizes. I packed cute ones, and plain Gerber ones too. I also packed some footy zip up PJ’s for the night time and two cute gowns from Baby Be Mine Maternity. One of the baby gowns match my nursing gown and robe. How stinkin’ cute are we gonna look matching? Haha! You can get them separately or in a set, and they have different patterns to choose from for both genders. 🙂

I also packed swaddle blankets and a swaddle bag. Those swaddle bags are awesome, and I used them for many months, even after I stopped swaddling Emma with her hands in, they were still a great alternative to blankets, since I don’t put blankets in the baby crib at night time. The swaddle blankets, I also use not just for swaddling, but for covering surfaces I don’t want the baby to touch directly, and the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets are so light, that they’re great for covering up car seats too, or for moms to cover up while nursing. I use swaddle blankets all the time, even with my toddler. I also packed one minky blanket just to have a warmer option if I need one.

Lastly I packed some extra beanies from Infanteenie Beenie that I’ll be using for pictures, I got the Little Brother one and a star one of course! I also didn’t forget to pack some socks too, to keep baby’s feet warm.

Baby Bag Extra

Now for the rest of the bag, I made sure to pack a Boppy pillow because those rock! For breastfeeding, propping baby up, putting around people to hold your teeny tiny baby. I love the Boppy! I packed this little lamb security blanket in the bag, it’s actually Emma’s, but I love it so much that I washed it and saved it for baby since she doesn’t seem to care for it much. I packed a little baby’s first doll for her in her hospital bag, so I felt like I had to pack him a little something too!

I also packed soothe pacifiers. Yes, these are the ones you get from the hospital, but they only have green ones, so I am taking my own blue ones, haha! It’s funny because these are the only pacifiers Emma ever took, no matter what age. I wonder if Baby Boy will be the same way! I also got some Wubbanubs for Emma, which are the soothe pacifiers attached to a small soft animal.  I packed some burp cloths, the ones I packed also work as bibs, so cool and cute too! I packed some regular burp cloths as well.

Now I know the hospital provides baby wipes, but I love The Honest Company baby wipes so much that I had to pack my own. I packed them in my hospital bag as well to use them myself! They are the best. I also packed The Honest Company diaper cream. They are a little pricey, but I like them very much, to me, they are worth it.

That’s it! See how easy it is to pack baby’s hospital bag?
I feel like the hardest part is picking all the cute things to put in the bag, haha!

What were your hospital must haves for baby? Let me know below. 🙂

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