Week 39

How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Weight Gain: About 37 pounds.
Stretch Marks? No, and I read that they can come AFTER the baby, and I’m dying at the thought.
Maternity Clothes: Here and there. Mostly still just wearing my regular clothes when I can. Maxi dresses are my life right now, and short dresses that used to be a little long on me, which now fit shorter but are not inappropriate.
Sleep: I’ve been having to switch sides more often since whatever side I’m laying on tends to fall asleep.
Best Moment This Week: Surprise Baby Shower from my kiddos. They were so cute and didn’t mind all the pink. I teach all boys!
Worst Moment This Week: Honestly, the closer I get and the more I think about the baby coming, I’m having anxiety. Not over birth, not over becoming a mom, but anxiety about people. When I’m sick I want people to stay away from me, I just want to be alone… I can’t imagine being in labor with people around me. I know that family and friends will want to be there for support, but I honestly just want to be alone. Well, with my husband obviously, but I’m having anxiety at the thought of me being in pain and people being there just watching me, asking me if I’m ok or telling me that everything will be alright. Obviously I’m not ok if I’m in terrible pain, and I know everything will be ok! I don’t want to be rude to anyone or offend anyone, but at the same time I have to think about ME and what I want! You know? It’s so hard!!!!! I wish I could just go to the hospital with my husband, without anyone knowing, have the baby and THEN call everyone, because seriously, who knows how long I’ll be in labor till the baby ACTUALLY comes? But then I know feelings will be hurt, etc. See! I can’t even think about that right now, I’m freaking out.
Miss Anything: Same old, sleeping however I want, being able to fit into my clothes, etc.
Movement: Mostly on the right side still, she’s been kicking me harder and harder.
Cravings: Ice Cream.. I’ve basically had a sweet tooth this whole pregnancy.
Queasy or Sick: Not really.
Have You Started To Show Yet: Yes!
Gender Prediction: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: Just the contractions and lower back pain. Ok, ready for TMI? The doctor checked me last week (Wednesday 9/9) and she really really hurt me, it felt terrible! Well, when I got home, I was bleeding! So I think I lost my mucus plug cause that whole night, and the rest of the next day gooey stuff was coming out every time I wiped lol. Told you, TMI, but hey, this is a pregnancy update! It’s gonna be gross!
Belly Button In or Out? Sometimes in, sometimes a liiiiiitle bit out!
Wedding Rings On or Off? Off, wearing a fake, huge blinded out one cause people always stare at my bump, then look at my hand, so yes people, I AM married ok!
Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Happy, anxious, tired, hot…..
Looking Forward To: Just having this baby! Come onnnnnnn! I’m tired of looking at an empty nursery!

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