Bellifly Pillow

One of the things I’ve been experiencing this pregnancy is being very uncomfortable, especially when it’s time for bed. It’s like I can’t find a good position, and Baby Girl has been pinching this one nerve on the very top of my belly on the right side since I was about 18 weeks pregnant, and let me tell you it’s been BRUTAL! I sleep on my right side, so not only have I been uncomfortable, I’ve had to figure out other positions to sleep.
Another thing I’ve been uncomfortable with this pregnancy is the HEAT!
Not only is it summer, I feel like I’m extra hot all the time now.
So a full on body pillow was out of the question!
I tried a belly wedge, and at first it seemed to work just fine, but the bigger I got, the less support I got, and I felt like the wedge was so hard. I tried to soften it up with no luck, and regular pillows made me too hot!
Then, Jessica contacted me about this product she came up with.
I wanted to share with you this Maternity Pillow I received, it’s called Bellifly and it’s awesome!
Here are some pictures of me showing you how I use the Bellifly!

This is how I use it the most, one cushion under the belly, the other in between my knees.
The middle piece I’m holding stretches so the pillow moves with me all night!
I also sometimes like to hug it, haha.
You can click here to see how it’s used.

Bellifly is soft but still supports, it feels much much cooler than a regular body pillow, and it’s smaller than a regular body pillow too. The center, where the two cushions connect is stretchy so the pillow just moves with you all night as you saw in one of my pics.
I told Jessica I’m sad she didn’t find me sooner!

I will definitely be using this pillow for breastfeeding as well, so I will update you all on how that worked out for me too.

Check out the Bellifly for yourself, you’ll love it!

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