What’s In Mommy’s Hospital Bag?


So I’ve seen so many “What to Pack in my Hospital Bag?” posts all over and I decided to write my own! Check out what I chose to pack (or not) and why (or why not).

Mommy Bag
What I’m Bringing:
  • Dry ShampooCause lets be real, I’m probably not going to wash my hair while I’m at the hospital. My hair is so long, it takes forever to dry and do, so hopefully my hair will be clean and done before I go to the hospital, then I can just freshen it up with the dry shampoo.
  • Deodorant- Because that’s just a must lol!
  • Soap- I don’t like the soaps that are offered at hospitals, hotels, etc. They always feel gross on my skin.
  • Bio-OilI love this oil! If my skin is dry or itchy, I lather this baby on. It’s the best!
  • Chapstick I hear your lips get super chapped, and I HATE having chapped lips!!! And EOS is the bomb. I also love Burt’s Bees!
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Mouthwash- No bad breath here!
  • Bronzer & Waterproof Mascara- This is the only makeup I’ll make a point to put on because I know we’ll be taking hundreds of pictures. I’m not big on makeup, I don’t wear it on a daily, so I just packed my bronzer to give me a healthy glow, and waterproof mascara cause I know I’ll be crying!
  • Hair Ties- Long hair problems!
  • Hair Brush- Not pictured here, but it will definitely be in my bag!
What I’m not Bringing:
  • Perfume- Even though I love to smell good I don’t want to irritate the baby, so I’m keeping the perfumes at home.
  • Blow Dryer & Straightener- Cause like I said, I’m not even gonna bother doing my hair at the hospital.
Mommy Bag2
  • iPad & Charger- To keep myself entertained.
  • Video Camera & Charger- To record as much as I can.
  • Cameras & Chargers- I have a Canon, which is not pictured because I used it to take this picture lol! I have another smaller camera, also a Canon for snapshots that you see pictured, I’ll encourage our friends and family to use it, and my little Insta Fujifilm camera, to be cute haha.
  • Phone & Extra Long Charger- To text and call everyone, and the extra long charger so it can reach my bed in case the plug is far away.


Mommy Bag5
  • Customized Hospital Gown- Yes I did. I totes ordered a customized hospital gown. This one actually has buttons on the back so my butt isn’t out the whole time, at the same time it has access for the doctor and nurses to do whatever they need to do. Plus, pictures! So I want to look cute, instead of wearing the ugly green gowns the hospital provides. No shame.
  • Nursing Gown- It’s like PJs but with a super stretchy top so I can bring out the boobs and nurse lol.
  • Robes- I packed a fluffy one and a cotton one for variety, and in case I don’t feel like wearing clothes, I can be covered up and comfy!
  • Non-Slip Socks (Not Pictured)- For walking around, it has these gummy feeling dots on the bottom.
  • Slippers (Not Pictured)- Another choice besides socks.
  • Flip Flops (Not Pictured)- In case my feet are too hot and I don’t wanna wear socks or slippers.
  • Going Home Outfit (Not Pictured)- I chose a cute and comfy dress.
Mommy Bag3
To Wear Under My Clothes
  • Nursing BrasSelf explanatory, has the clip that comes down.
  • Nursing TankI can be covered up while nursing.
  • Boy Shorts AKA Huge Underwear- Comfort over Cuteness! And I don’t want to ruin my regular pairs just in case. I won’t mind throwing all of these away if I have to.


Mommy Bag4
Gross & Weird But Needed
What I’m Bringing:
  • Nursing Pads Don’t wanna leak, haha.
  • Gel Nipple PadsFor relief.
  • Nipple Cream For relief too.
  • Depends- I read up on this A LOT, and everyone swears that it’s a plus to have these handy. Embarrassing, yes, but I want to be as comfortable as possible, and I cannot stand pads, especially the super heavy and thick ones they’ll have for me to wear after birth.
What I’m Not Bringing:
  • Pads & Mesh Underwear- Hospital will provide.
Extras (I Didn’t Take Pictures)
  • Lollipops- I’ve read from various sources and heard from lots of people that it’s good to have a hard candy to suck on while in labor, I figured lollipops would be nice.
  • Gum- I know lots of people will be all up in my face, and if for some reason it’s before I have time to go brush my teeth, I’ll be popping some gum in my mouth, I cannot stand bad breath lol! And I’ll also offer some to people if I have to, hahahaha!
  • Pillow- Just to have my own comfy one to lay on.
  • Black Towel- Hospital towels aren’t the comfiest, and from what I read mamas say dark towels are best so they won’t stain.. ew. LOL!
  • Baby Book- To get her foot prints!


So, what did you mamas take to the hospital for yourself?
What am I missing?
What did you take that you didn’t use?
What didn’t you take that you wish you would have?
Let me know in the comments!

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