Emma’s First Disney Trip

So we went to Disney!!!!
A lot of people saw my Snapchat and posts and were like WHAT?! You took Emma to Disney?! Why didn’t you tell me you were going?!

Well, let me tell you the story!

So I work at a school, for those of you who don’t know. (You probably already knew that!)
Our 5th and 7th graders went to Disney for their end of the year field trip, and somehow there were extra tickets. So my amazing Assistant Principal decided to raffle them, and give them away to whoever could use them. There were 14 tickets, so she decided to give them away in pairs, so 7 lucky people had the chance to win.
The catch was, you had to use them THAT weekend – super last minute!!!

I entered my name, and I had a couple of other co-workers put their names in for me.
The raffle happens and sadly my name didn’t come up, and neither did any of my friends who put their names in for me.
I was upset because deep down I really really thought that I was going to Disney!

Friday comes along, and due to teachers being sick, and kids not showing up to the trip, there were 6 more tickets left over to give away!

I was pumping at work and I hear a knock at the door of the office I use, and I hear my friend Amanda, “Laura, I won the tickets to Disney!!!”
Amanda has an annual pass, so she had entered her name for ME! I was soooo excited!!! 🙂

I called Jaime and told him to try to get out of work early because
I found a hotel, booked 2 nights and made up Amanda’s mind to come with us too.

I cancelled tutoring, left work, went to the store to get blank shirts, got home and instead of packing I wasted an hour making matching family shirts, haha, I couldn’t NOT make them! And we packed up and got ready to hit the road!

We got to Orlando very late, I didn’t go to sleep until 2:30AM and by 7:00AM I was up, getting ready to start our day!

The day really was magical – Emma’s little eyes lit up, she looked around everywhere, interacted with the characters, and paid attention to everything around us.
I really didn’t expect to get as much reaction from her as I did. That really made me extra excited about the next time we go, because she will be a little older, and enjoy it more.

Being the crazy mamarazzi that I am, I purchased the Photopass, and I am so happy I did because we got some great photos of Emma with some characters.

Check out our quick, but special Disney trip, click “read more” below to see our pics!

I cannot wait to go back for Emma’s 1st Birthday this year… Or even before! 🙂
I’m trying to convince Jaime to get annual passes so we can go whenever we want, and our trip won’t be so rushed since we will be able to park hop and just take our time doing whatever we want.

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