Labor & Delivery Nurse Thank You Bags

So I know that while I’m in the hospital to deliver Baby Girl there will be some amazing nurses taking care of me, and then her.
I decided to make some simple little bags with goodies just to say THANK YOU!
After lots of Pinteresting and asking a bunch of my nurse friends for ideas, I came up with some things I think they’ll enjoy the most.
Check out what I put in each bag:
Nurse Bags
Here are the bags, I made little tags saying Thank You signed from Hubby and I, and tied a pink ribbon to close the bags up and make them look cute!
Nurse Bags Treats
So these are the items I chose:
  • Little Nurse Rubber Ducky- Just to be cute! 🙂 Rubber Duckies go with the “baby” theme, and having them dressed up as a nurse was adorable haha! You can find the Nurse Ducks here.
  • Syringe Pen- A lot of my nurse friends told me that they always need pens, so I went one step above and ordered those syringe pens to keep up with the cuteness! You can find those pens here.
  • Chocolate- I chose a chocolate without peanuts, just in case of allergies!
  • Mini Hand Sanitizer- I got scents that weren’t too overwhelming.
  • Gum
  • Mints
Nurse Bags Both
Bags & Treats
I made 12 bags total, hopefully that’s enough, I hear that I’ll be seeing lots and lots of nurses for my whole stay.
Hope I was able to give you some ideas!
Let me know if you made bags for your Labor & Delivery Nurses and what you included in them. 🙂

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