What’s In Baby’s Hospital Bag?

I have gotten such amazing feedback on my blog posts, thank you so much!
I wanted to share with you what I packed (and chose to NOT pack) in Baby Girl’s Hospital bag.
I packed different sized onesies.
I packed Newborn size and 0-3 Months size since I don’t know what will fit her.
I only packed 6 of these because she will be wearing cute outfits for pictures and for when people are visiting us. Yes, PINK overload!
I packed 3 little PJs for her to sleep in, hopefully we will only be at the hospital for 2 nights, but you never know with spitting up and accidents, I have one extra.
These 4 bags have specific outfits for her to wear for pictures and visitors.
These outfits are in bags because I wanted to keep everything together, the onesie, the bottoms and the accessories, that way I won’t have to worry about finding pieces that go together.
They are numbered so if I can’t grab them myself I can just tell hubby grab bag #1 or grab bag #3!
They are customized, but since we are not revealing her name until she is born, I kept them in the bags instead of spreading them out to show you, you’ll just have to see them on her! 🙂
Swaddle Blankets & Boppy.
I actually have 3 more swaddle blankets packed up, but they are customized, so again, I’m not showing you, haha! Making it a total of 5 swaddle blankets I’m bringing.
Her Boppy will help me with breastfeeding and when people want to hold her if they want to use it.
These are extra little things I’m bringing:
  • The first burp cloth matches my hospital gown.
  • Baby’s First Doll, just cause it’s cute! 🙂
  • Socks
  • Pacifiers, because even though the hospital will provide them, I wanted her to have some cute and girly ones.
  • Extra bows and headbands, these are on top of the ones that I already packed with the coordinating outfits haha. 🙂
  • The other 3 colorful burp cloths (detail above) are from Bitty B Design, aren’t they adorable? Riley was so nice to send those for Baby Girl and I cannot wait to use them with her! Not only is the fabric super cute, the cotton chenille backing is super absorbent and soft! I tried it with water just to see how much liquid it would hold and I’m sold! 🙂 My husband can’t believe that they’re going to be used to catch spit up, he thinks they are too pretty! Not only does Bitty B Design make burp cloths, they have blankets, teethers, poppy covers and soon they will be offering leggings, which I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!!! There are many different fabrics and designs to choose from, make sure you check them out here!
I also packed Baby Girl a take home outfit which is not pictured.
In case you are thinking that it doesn’t seem like I packed any essentials, I chose to not pack diapers, wipes or cream because the hospital will provide them, and I wanted to pack light!
This is the bag I bought to pack all of Baby Girl’s things in.
This is what it looks like inside all packed up! 🙂
Stay tuned for what I packed in MY bag! That is a whole different story!!!
It made packing for baby look EASY!

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