5 Reasons to Visit Disney World During COVID-19

I wrote about my experience visiting Disney World for the first time during COVID-19, you can find that post HERE.
And now I wanted to write about the Top 5 Reasons why you SHOULD visit Disney World right now!

Reason 1

If you are a super Disney Lover – this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for you!
Being able to say that you experienced Disney during a pandemic isn’t for everyone!
It’s definitely a great story to tell!
I almost let the fear of being judged by others get to me, and prevent me from this experience and I’m so glad that in the end I decided to not let that bother me and just go live my best life – while being careful of course!!!

Reason 2

The park is as empty as it’s probably ever going to be on a normal day!
The capacity restrictions means that not everyone can go to Disney right now, so you get to see the park in a way that you’d probably otherwise never get to see.
You get to walk around and really soak everything in.
I got to see little details I was never able to see with crowds everywhere such as walking down Main Street and reading all the windows, or being inside Cinderella Castle and really getting to appreciate the stained glass art on the walls.
It was so nice to be able to not rush and just truly enjoy just BEING there!

Reason 3

The wait times are super low – even for the most popular rides!
Who would have ever thought that I’d see the day where Flight of Passage was a 10 minute wait, or that Mine Train was a walk-on!!!
A lot of the ride times are not accurate, meaning that they are actually lower than what’s posted!
Yes, the lines might LOOK long, but that’s due to social distancing – keep that in mind when you see a line wrap around the building!
Also, because ride capacity is lower too! You don’t usually ride with strangers anymore, and if you do, they’re super far from you!
Like only the first row and the last row of It’s a Small World for example!

Reason 4

You get to experience different types of magic!
Being able to see special character cavalcades, or having Mickey & Friends wave to you from the Train Station as you enter or exit the park is something special!
No, you don’t get hugs, but you can get some pretty cute selfies with your favorite character as they wave to you from a distance!

Reason 5

Everyone pretty much leaves you alone – haha!
Thanks social distancing!!!!!!!
This is probably my favorite! I have nightmares of people brushing up against me in line – UGH!!
You get to ride almost every ride with just your party – no strangers! Which can be super nice!
No annoying strangers standing too close to you in line, amen to that!

Those are just some of my favorite reasons for visiting Disney right now.
I hope that this small list helps you make a decision, if you are considering visiting during this time!

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