I Went to Disney During a Pandemic

Hi! What a blog title huh?

So first off, I’m going to start by saying that you can disagree with my choice to go to Disney World while COVID-19 is poppin’, but I created this blog post to:
1- Remember these times.
2- Answer some FAQ in once place.
3- Because I wanted to!

So if this post isn’t for you, that’s ok!
You can browse around and find a post that you like, or click the X!

I didn’t mean to sound sassy, but at the same time I’m so tired of seeing people argue on the internet or giving their opinion when nobody asked.
It’s really hard to be open with my feelings when I’m constantly fearing judgement, and honestly, I don’t understand why people feel entitled to judge others or say rude things – nobody knows what some people are feeling or going through and the negative behavior is just not ok.

I like my blog to be a positive place, and if you’re here it’s hopefully because you like me and/or my content!

Here we go!

I went to Disney World during a pandemic and I loved being able to experience this (hopefully) once in a lifetime event.
I LOVE Disney – not everyone understands, and a lot of people judge adults for liking Disney, but because I love it so much I couldn’t imagine not experiencing this.
Even before Disney had plans of reopening, really even before face masks were required all around my county, I remember telling my husband how freakin’ cool it would be to get a photo with a mask on in front of the Cinderella Castle!
At the time, I truly, honestly never thought that this would be a thing because it was way early in the pandemic where Disney opening up during seemed like just a dream.
Well, that dream became a reality and I was not about to pass up the opportunity!

I watched the opening closely – first was Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom, then I had the opportunity to attend a Cast Member Preview at EPCOT – meaning that I would get to go before it opened up to the public, and get to feel things out.
I loved that it would be Cast Members (& their friends and family) ONLY, because Cast Members follow the rules, and they would for sure make sure that their guests were following them too!

Long story short – the preview was great.
Everyone kept their masks on, everyone respected the floor markers and socially distanced.
I felt safe. In fact, I felt super safe.
I was never uncomfortable, not even once.
I felt safer there than I did at the grocery store – where if I’m in an aisle trying to get something, nobody has a problem standing right next to me, or reaching over me like my personal space never mattered even before the pandemic.. Ugh!

I was SO HAPPY to be back at Disney, even though what I really really wanted was to see the Cinderella Castle with her new paint job and just walk around Main Street soaking up all the magic.
And guess what? I made it happen! Ahhhhh!!!

My good friend Dana booked a hotel for us, got a day ticket for herself, and came along with me to experience the magic for the first time in 5 months!
We were both so emotional, it was so nice to be back! It was definitely bizarre, but still pretty magical!

We couldn’t believe how empty it was – it felt like a Ghost Town and we found ourselves alone a lot of the time!
That’s something we never thought we’d get to see – floor! Space! Emptiness!

We missed the meet & greets – specifically meeting Princess Elena – but they have cute cavalcades that go around.
Nobody ever knows what time or who will pop up, they do it randomly in order to prevent crowding.
Not the same as being able to hug Mickey or talk smack with Peter Pan, but being able to wave hello is pretty freakin’ special!

A lot of the magic is gone for sure, no meet & greets, no castle shows, no fireworks, but THE magic is STILL there!

Here are some rules Disney has in place if you want to visit:

You must wear a mask at all times!
You can only remove it to have a drink or food while STATIONARY!
Meaning that you cannot just walk around sippin’ on water or munching on your popcorn or whatever snacks – you must find either a designated spot to sit (like the Relaxation Stations) or and empty bench or table where you can be alone to remove your mask.
They are also being strict about what types of masks are allowed – they must have an ear loop! And face shields do not count.

There are markers all over the floor to keep people at least 6 feet apart.
This includes rides, bathrooms, restaurants, stores, basically anything you would line up for, or have to enter, they have markers for you to stand on.

You must mobile order everything!
You can’t just go into a Quick Service Restaurant and place an order, you must do so on the My Disney Experience App in advance.
It’s pretty easy, and all restaurants have a big board with a QR Code for you to scan that takes you directly to that restaurant’s menu.
I will note that a lot of restaurants are currently closed, including snack stands – such a bummer!

Some rides are closed, and the rest are constantly temporarily closed in order to be cleaned.

All caps because I am not exaggerating! They have hand sanitizer stations EVERYWHERE!
When you are about to enter a ride, through the queue line, before you are seated in your ride car, after you leave the ride car, before you leave the building and right outside the building.
They also placed a bunch of sinks on wheels throughout the parks –  you have to use your feet to pump the water out.

All buildings (stores, restaurants, rides, etc) have specific doors for entering and specific doors for exiting.
That way nobody is running into each other as they’re trying to go in or out of a building.

All in all, Disney during a pandemic is definitely a story I’ll be telling my kids when they get older, and my grandkids too!

If you are planning on visiting Disney, or any crowded place, please be smart!
Please be respectful of people, please be respectful of the rules.

Here’s to COVID-19 leaving hopefully sooner than later!
Stay safe, friends! <3

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