Baby Dresser Organization

Ok so I am an organized freak.
You wouldn’t believe me if you walked into my house right now, but we are in the process of getting a storage room built so that’s my excuse! Plus, we had to move so much stuff around to make a nursery, so it’s a hot mess in here right now. LOL!
One thing that I knew I wanted to do as soon as I found out I was pregnant, was have a very organized nursery, especially if I had a girl since they have so many accessories.
Take a peek at how I organized Baby Girl’s Dresser!
So I’ve been in love with this Dresser for a while, it’s from IKEA, I didn’t like the knobs so I decided to replace them, and it makes such a difference!
I knew I didn’t want/or have space for a changing table, so I got a changing pad instead, and this will be where I’ll change diapers, I also put the diaper trash bin right next to the dresser.
That diaper cake my good friend Natalia made for my Baby Shower, it’s so cute that I haven’t had the heart to take it apart, so it will stay up there as decoration for now haha!
This tray has a tissue box, some cotton swabs, and cotton balls in the little “sugar” bowl.
The Sophie and Little Lamb Teether are chillin’ there for decoration, until they will be needed!
Ok so now for the drawers!
I used the IKEA Skubb Box Organizers to organize everything in the drawers by the way!
Drawer 1
Drawer #1 is just full of diapers. Easy access when changing Baby Girl!
Drawer 2
Drawer #2 has:
Washcloths that I don’t mind getting dirty/stained. I’ll be putting them under Baby Girl’s butt when changing her so her changing pad covers don’t get stained. I got them from IKEA too, a pack of 10 of them is only $4! Can’t beat that!
Grooming Kit with stuff like a regular thermometer, little comb and hair brush, etc.
Also a thermometer pacifier, Nose Frida with extra filters, etc.
Baby Lotions and Creams, wipes, pacifiers, pacifier clips and Wubbanubs.
Drawer 3
Drawer #3 has socks, booties and shoes.
This drawer will eventually change once I find another place for her shoes.
These are the smaller sized shoes she has, the rest I put in her closet.
Drawer 4
Drawer 4 is full of accessories because – GIRL!
She has head wraps, sunglasses, jewelry, head bands, hair bows and hair clips.
Oh my!
Drawer #5 has newborn sized onesies and pants/bottoms, 0-3 months sized onesies and bottoms and some burp cloths and washcloths.
Drawer 6
Drawer #6 has 3-6 month sized onesies and bottoms, and some 6-9 and even 9-12 months sized onesies and bottoms. It also has bibs.
Drawer 7
Drawer #7 PJs, zip ones, button ones, footie ones, cotton ones, fleece ones, really just a bunch of different PJs.
It also has towels, some bigger washcloths and extra crib sheets.
Drawer 8
Drawer #8, the final drawer has blankets, swaddle blankets, and swaddle bags.
Most of them were gifts, some were bought at Ross or TJ Maxx, even Etsy.
So! What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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