Rovics Personal Touch Garland

One of the most special collaborations I have done was with Vic from Rovics Personal Touch.
I ran into Vic’s Etsy Shop by chance and immediately fell in love with her work.
After speaking and setting up a collaboration, I couldn’t believe how sweet, caring and professional Vic was!
Together we came up with an idea for a beautiful garland for Emma’s nursery door.
I’m still waiting to get my nursery pics back from my photographer to do my nursery reveal post, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this amazing work with you all!
Vic was so kind and patient, and so focused on detail that the garland I got was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I put it up on my hospital door when Emma was born and it was a hit!
All the new mommies, nurses, doctors and even new daddies loved it so much!
All the nurses called Emma “Princess Emma” because of her garland.
The garland is now on her nursery door, and every visitor that comes over raves about how cute it is.
Check out how truly amazing and detailed Vic’s work is:
This is us before we left the hospital showing off our beautiful garland!
This is us before we left the hospital showing off our beautiful garland!
Make sure to check out Vic’s Etsy Shop to get a beautiful special item for a special baby in your life.
Like I’ve mentioned many times, I’m the first one from my group of friends to have a baby, but I can’t wait until all my friends start having babies so I can order a beautiful garland for their nurseries!

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