Emma – 13/14 Months

My Sweet Girl!

Mommy kind of misses your monthly updates, so to keep track of your growth and memories, I decided that I’m just going to write a post here and there!

Since your first birthday, you are growing and learning at lightning speed!
You had 0 teeth, and now you are growing 2 at once.
You were barely taking steps, and now you are walking all over the house!
I wouldn’t say that you are a legit “walker” yet, because you sure do fall a lot haha, but you are doing so good and walking more and more every day. I really think moving into this new house has been a major plus, we have so much more space, so you get to run free. Girl, you even have your own playroom! ūüôā You just want to run, so when you try to run, you lose balance and fall on your butt. Lately you have been falling on your knees too, which Mommy doesn’t like!

You had your very first lollipop at the doctor’s office after you got 3 shots at your 1 year check up. Now that you are getting older you don’t really like it when Dr. P messes with you, and you definitely don’t like shots, so Mommy went ahead and just got you a lollipop to stick in your mouth after the shots, and you instantly became the happiest girl in the whole world! Hahaha!!! Dr. P was so impressed on how much you have grown and how smart you are!


You have become somewhat of a picky eater now. Mommy is so sad about that because you used to be the best eater!!! You seriously tried, and ate everything. The only time I saw you cry was over egg yolks lol, which, I can’t blame you because I don’t like them either!
But now sometimes, we have to fight you to eat! You’ll even give us a hard time over things you love, like banana yogurt, which is one of your favorites! You look at it, flip out for no reason, then we have to kinda shove a spoonful in your mouth so you can see that it’s yummy, and then you eat it. What a brat!!! You don’t love being fed anymore, you’d much rather feed yourself instead. You love quesadillas. You REALLY LOVE quesadillas! You would have it every single night if we gave it to you. I have a lot of great videos of you enjoying your quesadillas! ūüôā You also really like Baby Goldfish, and drinking water out of your straw sippy.

You can stack things, and open and close things, and when you are done eating you throw your food down for Cooper and Zoey to eat off the floor. They are seriously the best vacuum cleaners ever, haha. You laugh and smile at them like it’s the funniest thing. They’re still not super fond of you, but when you are eating, you are their BFF and they do not leave your side haha. Cooper loves to lick your face, and Zoey has been warming up to you here and there.

Your hair is getting so long that it’s flipping uncontrollably to the sides. Your eyes are still beautiful, and the thing people compliment you on the most.

You LOVE when Mommy sings to you, it always cheers you up and/or calms you down. You favorite songs are “The Wheels on the Bus”, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. You can do movements to all of them. You also like “One Little Finger” and “Open, Shut Them”, those are random songs we found on YouTube through Super Simple Learning. Those are your favorite and you even have CDs that Mommy plays in the car for you.

You know where your head is, and where your nose is, and you’re working on your knees and toes, eyes, mouth and ears thanks to some of those silly songs. You can clap your hands, and wave goodbye, and although your new favorite word to say lately is Daddy, you are still 110% Mommy’s Girl!¬†‚ô•

Puppy Baby

You love the dog Snapchat filter, you crack yourself up during videos, it’s so cute! That’s how you learned to say “Who’s that?” because when you see yourself as a puppy, Mommy always asks you who that is on the screen, haha.

You can say Mama, Daddy, Bye, Tchau, Townnnn, Who’s That, and other babbles that we can’t understand yet. You seem to like the D sound the most, and are often saying “duh duh duh” like when we say dog or duck, you “duh duh duh” back. You are mimicking us when we say familiar words to you. You basically try to sing along to every song we sing.
You can give kisses, blow kisses and shush.

You were the Flower Girl at Jen and Damon’s wedding, you looked so beautiful and so big! You were so well behaved during the ceremony and the reception, except when Daddy tried to take you from me, you whined!!! Mommy was embarassed but I took you back right away haha!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you from these last two months:


I can’t wait to see all the awesome things you’ll do as you get older! It is so bittersweet to see how fast your baby face is changing, but on the bright side, it’s changing into a beautiful little girl’s face!

I love you sooooooo much!

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