Nina – 3 Weeks

My Sweet Nina – 3 Weeks!!! WHAT!

You had your first bottle! Mommy pumped so Daddy could feed you, and you did so great!
You had 2 ounces of breastmilk and you drank it all up!

We did our home newborn session, you already look so big my baby! ūüôĀ

We took your siblings back to school shopping, so you stayed at home with your grandparents for 1 hour!
You just slept the whole time, and didn’t even notice that Mommy was gone!

You had a crazy night this week and didn’t want to sleep at night.
Mommy was soooooo tired!!!!!

You took a shower with Mommy for the first time but you weren’t a fan.
I think you’re still too little! It was kind of awkward cause Mommy was afraid of dropping you.
You do still love taking baths though!!

It still looks like you’re pretty gassy unfortunately! ūüôĀ
We’ve been giving you Mylicon to help, but you cry and cry.. ūüôĀ
It’s soooo sad! I feel so helpless and sometimes cry right along with you!

You’re already acting so much bigger and looking so much older.
It’s sooooo sad. Bittersweet for sure!

I love you the most!

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