Emma – Week 4

Holy crap! Where has the time gone? How is my baby 4 weeks old?!
In just 2 days she will be exactly 1 Month! WHAT?!
My little squishy is getting so big!
I feel like Emma is so long! I hope she will be taller than her daddy and I!
I also hope that her beautiful big blue eyes stay blue.
I always said I wanted a daughter with light eyes and dark hair.
I think that the dark hair with the light eyes is such a pretty combo!
In pictures it looks like she has black hair, but her hair is actually brown!
Dark brown, but with some light brown streaks all over.
I might be biased, but how did I get so lucky with such a beautiful little girl? 🙂
Emma is very attached to me, she wants me to hold her all the time, and I’m the only one that can really calm her down when she’s upset. I don’t mind! I love that I’m her favorite and I hope I’m her favorite FOREVER and ever!
I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, I love the bond she and I share.
I love when she looks up at me and hold my finger, it’s the sweetest thing.
I’ve been pumping here and there, mostly for relief, but I hate it.
It’s gonna be hard when I go back to work because I’ll have to pump all the time to be able to leave milk with my mom so she can feed Emma.
I decorated the house for Halloween finally, and I started to put Emma in Halloween clothes.
I’m collaborating with a couple of shops for Halloween and I am so excited!
I can’t wait to share her beautiful handmade costume!
Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.

Week 4 Daddy
Week 4 Mommy
Week 4 Halloween
This is it for weekly updates!
I just wanted to record her first month, but now we’ll be doing monthly updates! 🙂
I’m sure I’ll still take weekly pics since I’m obsessed with pics, and maybe I’ll just make a post and post all the weekly pics in one, how does that sound?

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