Nina – 2 Weeks

Baby Girl you are growing so much! You are now 8lbs 1oz!
You’ve been eating every 3 hours or so still, but your doctor said that overnight I can let you go up to 4 hours, max 5 hours! But I’ll still wake you up every 3 hours because I want your weight to stay solid, and because I don’t want my milk production to drop!

Breastfeeding is getting better, but Mommy is still sore, and you cracked one of my nipples really badly – OUCH!!!!
We are practicing with the pacifier so Mommy can get a break since you’ve been using ME as your pacifier. You’re still not a fan, but as long as it soothes you for a bit, it works for me!
We are also baby wearing here and there, I can’t tell if you like it yet.

You are still sleeping great in your bassinet through the night, but I think you’re starting to get a bit gassy, which sucks! ūüôĀ
We got Mylicon and it seems to be helping a bit! Mommy hasn’t been eating or drinking dairy, and taking it easy with the spicy foods!

2 weeks of loving you.. A lifetime to go!

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