Emma – Week 1

I can’t believe Baby Girl is 1 Week Old today!
Time has definitely flown by, I have already been crying because she’s growing so much.
At 3 Days Old (9/22) Emma had her first doctors appointment, her pediatrician is my old pediatrician, he is wonderful and I am so excited to have him take care of my Baby Girl.
At her appointment we found out that she had lost 10oz from birth, which the doctor said is totally normal. We went back on Thursday (9/24) and she had gained back 3oz and she also grew 1 inch.
I have been breastfeeding, and honestly, the first few days are definitely harder than childbirth itself!
But I am very determined to do this for her, and every day does get better. It also helps to have an amazing support system from mom friends who also breastfeed or have breastfed, and Melissa, a lactation consultant who is great and so helpful.
I never thought about breastfeeding but, as soon as I got pregnant I knew that was something I wanted to try. I’ve been so lucky to have my milk supply come in with no problems, and even luckier that Emma has a great latch! 🙂
Since I’m breastfeeding, my husband helps by changing her diaper during the night, we have been doing great as a team, even though he got the “shitty” end of the deal, haha.
She has been pooping after every feeding lately, which is a great sign that she’s getting enough to eat!
I’ve been having a hard time getting her to burp after feeding, I change burping positions and pat her for sometimes over 5 minutes at a time and nothing.. Then, she spits up sometimes or gets hiccups!
Any advice on burping a breastfed baby will be greatly appreciated.
Hubby took off 2 weeks of work and I’m already freaking out about him going back.
I love our little family and I wish we could spend every day together just enjoying our baby girl.
It’s been hard this first week to have alone time, just us, since we have had so many visitors!
While I love how much all our family and friends love Emma and want to see her and spend time with her, sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed. I’m trying to get her on a schedule, she has been sleeping all day and wanting to be up all night since all day someone is holding her so she’s cozy, that at night when I put her in her bassinet she wakes up hysterical wanting to be held.
We co-slept the first few nights, but for the last 2 nights I have gotten her to sleep in her bassinet.
I feed her, change her, and swaddle her really tight and and she stays in there sleeping peacefully. Hopefully everything will work out with her sleeping, God knows I need sleep myself!
She is a great sleeper when she actually is sleeping, noises don’t bother her, even both dogs barking, it doesn’t bother her. I even have to wake her up to feed her most of the time, because she sleeps right through her feeding time.
I actually had a meltdown the other night, I guess since I’m extra emotional and super tired.
Being in pain from breastfeeding, and recovering from childbirth, it all takes a toll on you.
The house was full of people all day, and I didn’t get to spend time with Emma besides feeding her, I told my husband that I felt like I was a cow, just giving her milk, and as soon as I was done someone was there to take her from me and I couldn’t cuddle her or be with her at all.
Also, since people are over all the time I feel like the house has to be spotless because I’m a freak and I don’t want people to think my house is a mess!
And how I want to take naps and sleep when the baby is sleeping but I can’t when people are over since I feel like I have to “host” when I just want to go to my room and pass out skin to skin with my baby… Yeah, I’ve had my moments!
Emma already holds her head up by herself, it’s so crazy how strong she is!
She does this funny sound when she cries, I think she sounds like Michael Jackson saying “hee hee” so I call her Michael sometimes lol. I gotta get it on video.
The puppies love her, Zoey thinks she’s her mama and Cooper just wants to play.
Any time I’m feeding Emma, Zoey is laying right next to me.
And when Emma wakes up crying in the middle of the night, Zoey runs to the bassinet to watch her.
I haven’t put Dexter with her yet, sometimes his spikes irritate my skin, it takes getting used to, so I don’t want him around Emma yet because since her baby skin is so soft and thin, I don’t want her to get irritated either.
Motherhood has been so wonderful already, as much as I am looking forward to all the milestones I am so sad that my little squishy baby is going to grow up so fast. I’m trying to enjoy every minute!

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