Nina – 1 Week

Baby Girl, I cannot believe that you’re 1 week old already!
Time is flying extra fast with you!

Mommy has been crying A LOT everyday – I’m so emotional!

I remember being like this with Owen too!
Thinking he was my last baby, every little thing made me cry.
Now KNOWING that you ARE my last baby is extra sad.


We got home on 4th of July, we had to spend 3 days at the hospital instead of 2 days because Mommy didn’t feel well on the second day, so the doctor thought it would be best for Mommy to stay the extra night.
We had a chill night. Vovó and Vovô came over, the kids went in the pool, then it started to POUR!
Vovô and Daddy made burgers and hot dogs, and then we lit fireworks in the front yard like we usually do every year! This year Mommy stayed inside with you though because the fireworks were so so loud!!!

We went for your doctor’s appointment and you were 7lbs 11oz – which is awesome considering your birth weight! Mommy’s milk came in and you are doing great at eating!
We have to keep working on your latch, because you definitely did some damage on Mommy, but I will push through the pain for you!

We did your newborn photos at Silvia’s studio and I cannot wait to get them back!
We did a bunch of cute looks and we also got some sibling shots and family shots.
Mommy cried sooooo much just seeing you all dressed up and cute!
You did great! You slept the whole time and let Silvia move you and pose you.

You’ve been sleeping great at night in your bassinet! I have to wake you up to eat, and it’s so hard to keep you awake for your feedings – you are sooooo sleepy!
Right now I’m waking you up every 3 hours – or 2.5 hours because by the time you are done eating, it feels like it’s time to wake up again!

I love you so much already, I cannot believe I am a Mommy of 3!!!
Daddy is in love with you too! I told him that I feel like he’s enjoying you the most as a newborn!
And your Big Sister & Big Brother love you soooo much! They are so sweet and want to hold you all the time!

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