Easy (Space Saving) Breastmilk Storage

I have been asked a lot of questions about breastfeeding, pumping, and what I do, so I wanted to share an easy breastmilk storage technique that saves a ton of freezer space. This is what I have done since I started breastfeeding Emma.

I don’t know about yours, but my freezer is small! When I first started freezing my breastmilk as backup for Emma I quickly ran out of space in my freezer. I don’t own a separate freezer so all the breastmilk I freeze goes in my fridge’s freezer.

All the bags of milk took so much space, and it was hard to organize oldest milk first when these bags just stood in my freezer.

Another thing I didn’t like about freezing breastmilk, besides how much freezer space it took up, was the fact that it took FOREVER to thaw out the huge blocks of frozen breastmilk.

After looking up a bunch of different ways to freeze breastmilk, this is the way that works best for me!

Step 1- Pour breastmilk into special breastmilk storage bags.

My favorite breastmilk storage bags are these Lansinoh ones. They just recently changed the bags, and I will admit that I like the old bags more, but these storage bags are still my favorite ones.

That’s it! Pretty easy right?

Here is what it will look like:

A couple of tips:

  1. Do not put more than 4oz per bag. The capacity of each bag is much larger, but I wouldn’t suggest more than 4oz per bag.
  2. Do not forget to put AM or PM on the bag label! It makes a difference when you’re trying to decide if the milk is still good for baby.
  3. Do not re-freeze milk after it’s thawed out!
  4. It is ok to freeze milk that has been in the fridge (for the allowed time) but make sure that you put the date and time the milk was pumped, not the date and time you freeze the milk. For example: It’s Tuesday, May 30th and I want to freeze the milk I pumped last night, Monday, May 29th at 11:00AM, then write that on the bag, not the May 30th date.

I hope you like my way of storing frozen breastmilk, it’s the way that works best for me.
Do you have a different way? Share it below! I would love to see what other mamas do!

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