One Z Pillow Review

I am a huge Shark Tank fan, I had watched Michelle and Jason pitch their idea of the Twin Z Pillow and  thought, “wow, what a great product!”. Since I didn’t have twins I wished they had one for one baby, and guess what.. They do!

Check out the One Z Pillow:


When I had the opportunity to receive the One Z Pillow I was so excited! My favorite part about the One Z Pillow is the back support! I love that a piece lifts up so you can rest your back and nurse comfortably.


The One Z Pillow can be used in many ways. Not only does it make a great nursing pillow, mamas who bottle feed can also use it to comfortably feed their little ones while getting some cuddle time.


I love that I can nurse Owen but still have Emma hang out with us, knowing that she can give her baby brother kisses without disturbing him since he’s all comfy laying on his One Z Pillow.


I also use our One Z Pillow for tummy time, but Owen usually ends up falling asleep since it’s so comfortable!

(Sorry kid, you’re the 2nd child so you are using your big sister’s pink swaddle bag lol!)


I really love using our One Z Pillow for cuddle time too! I’m actually writing this blog post using our One Z Pillow! Owen is sleeping on me and my laptop is resting on the One Z Pillow so I can write! 🙂

The One Z Pillow can be purchased here. You can use code BABY10 to save 10% off your order or BABY20 to save 20% on orders of $69 or more.

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