Motif Duo – Double Electric Breast Pump

So you know that since I work full time I have to pump – ew. I seriously hate pumping and dread it every single time, every single day whenever I have to do it.

Well, as much as I hate it, I do it. I do it because if I am blessed to make breastmilk to nourish my baby, then you bet I’m going to do whatever it takes! Being a mom is a selfless act, but being a mom who breastfeeds.. Oh man I think we have a secure spot in heaven, haha!

Anyway, since we are on the topic of pumping, I wanted to talk about a little (literally) pump that makes having to pump every day easier.

It’s called the Motif Duo.

The Motif Duo is a little breast pump that weighs less than 1 pound. SERIOUSLY! Not just that, but the Motif Duo also has a built in rechargeable battery, so you can pump anywhere! No need for an outlet, as long as your pump is charged! This is my all time favorite feature, not having to worry about finding an available plug is awesome.

Here are some of my favorite features of the Motif Duo:

  • The Motif Duo’s closed system prevents backflow through a protection filter – that means that your milk won’t get in the tubes which is a huge pain to try to clean! 🙁
  • The single pumping option allows you to breastfeed while pumping if you want, all you have to do is remove the second set of tubing and use the port cover to close the second tubing connection.
  • The motor is super-silent so I can pump basically anywhere I want!
  • The large, backlit LCD screen lets you keep track of battery life and record how long each pumping session lasts.
  • You can find your perfect comfort level with 10 expression levels & 10 massage levels to choose from.
  • Like most pumps you have the massage mode which helps stimulate let-down by mimicking baby’s nursing pattern and the express mode that works to express milk from the breast as efficiently as possible.
  • The Motif Duo also has a memory mode which allows you to customize your pumping session by saving your favorite settings for later use. 🙂

When you purchase the Motif Duo, the following comes in the box:

1 – Double electric breast pump, 2 – 24mm breast shields,
2 – 180mL milk collection container sets,
2 – Nipples, 2 – Valves, 2 – Bottles, 2 – Tubing and 1 – Power Adapter

I would definitely give the Motif Duo a 10! 🙂

Look at this awesome freezer stash I have thanks to a great pump. 🙂

Click HERE or HERE to purchase your own Motif Duo.

If you click HERE you can also see if you qualify to get your own Motif Duo through insurance! 🙂

Do you pump? What breast pump do you use?
Let me know below! 🙂

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