Breastfeeding Favorites

I’m a nursing mom. I’m a breastfeeding mom. I’m an exclusively breastfeeding mom.
Wow. Those are things I wasn’t sure I would ever say.
Before I got pregnant, I don’t think I ever thought about breastfeeding.
I never thought that I would be able to take the feeling of a baby nursing, and I was so scared of it.
But, as soon as I became pregnant I knew that breastfeeding was something that I was going to at least try to do for sure, and boy am I so happy I did.
I love the bond I have with Emma. I love the way she looks at me when she’s nursing, it’s just she and I, and no one else. I love that she NEEDS me, and I love that I can always soothe her.
Of course, do I even have to mention all the amazing benefits?
Breastfeeding isn’t easy. AT ALL.
And I’m not saying that to scare anyone, I’m saying it because it’s the truth.
I’m not going to go into details of WHY it’s hard, you can Google it and everyone will say the same things about the soreness and pain, and etc.
But I’m here to tell you to DO IT! It’s so worth it, I promise.
I decided to put a list together of my Favorite Breastfeeding Items, hope this helps you mamas who want to breastfeed.
Breastfeeding Faves
Medela Pump In Style Pump & Cooler Set– I was so thankful that my insurance was able to cover my breast pump! And I honestly have no complaints with my Medela. It’s small and light, and easy to carry around when I have to pump at work. The cooler set is a must have, the ice pack inside is molded so 4 Medela bottles fit perfectly. I’m able to keep a mini fridge in my classroom, but when I have to pack up and take my milk, I put them in the cooler bag and they stay cold for hours.
Medela Nipple Shield– Like I said, breastfeeding is HARD! But this little shield saved me for 3 days! I was so sore, bruised and cracked, but giving up wasn’t an option! Emma’s pediatrician told me to get a nipple shield, and while it didn’t help with the soreness it definitely helped with everything else. Please note that this should be used temporarily!
Medela Soft Shells– So when your “girls” are hurting and wearing a bra is basically unbearable, these soft shells come in and make life so much better haha! They keep your nipples from touching anything, and your breasts from being squished against your bra and shirt.
Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy– Pop these in the microwave and put them on your breasts to help with milk flow, or freeze them to help with the soreness. These were awesome in the beginning!
Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads– These were great with helping sore nipples. You might think that there’s no way you’ll put something super cold on you nipples, ha! Talk to me after you’ve been breastfeeding for a couple of days. I thought the same thing!!!
Lansinoh Lanolin– Awesome for the cracked nipples. They’re safe for babies, but every time before I nursed I made sure to wipe it off. A little bit goes a long way, and I still have basically a full tube. I hear this works great as a lip balm but I haven’t had the guts to try it yet, lol.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra– This Nursing Bra is super comfy! There is no underwire, the nursing clips have one-hand access. I love it.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pump Bra– 4 words. HANDS FREE PUMP BRA. You get to pump without having to use your hands!!! Do I need to say more?

Kismet Love Nursing Scarf– These scarves are super cute, well made and when you’re not nursing, you just wear them around on a chilly day or as a cute accessory. I have two of these and I like them a lot! They really do a great job covering you and baby for privacy when breastfeeding. They offer a lot of different and fun fabrics to pick from. The maker of these scarves is a mama herself, and you know how much I love to support small businesses and moms.

MilkMakers Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies– I’m obsessed with these. I’m so happy I get to eat a cookie every single day and not feel guilty about it haha. These are great and they help with my milk production. I have a subscription so every month I get 2 bags and 1 box of these. So yummy!

I also received 2 other products after I had already made my flatlay that I love so much so I’m adding on here!
Check out the NursElet™!
The NursElet™ is Mommy invented. I really believe that every product made by a mom is awesome, because who better than an actual mom to come up with something great for other mommies to use?  The NursElet™ is a hands-free solution to make breastfeeding and pumping easier and comfortable for nursing mother. No matter which kind of you are wearing, NursElet™ secures your shirt in no time, and when nursing is done, NursElet™ can become a nursing bracelet to remind which breast to use next. It also easily slides over the shirt if in case of changing a breast position while holding baby. It’s adjustable, reversible, machine washable, no metal, no BPA. Each NursElet™ is handmade with quality materials, inside and out. You can also choose from a bunch of different fabrics.
What a simple, but super cool product!
I also received some products from Mrs. Patel’s.
I received the Fenugreek Bars Combo, the Chai Spice Tea and the Munch Crunch.
Let me tell you that those bars are MAGICAL! I was told that it would take a few days for me to notice a difference, but I ate one, and right away I noticed a difference in my production!!!
Since I got the combo, I tried all 3 flavors they offer, chocolate, peanut butter and regular.
The Fenugreek Bars are kind of spicy, so I couldn’t handle the regular bar, but I put Nutella on it, and it tasted so good! The chocolate has this sweet/bitter taste to it, and the peanut butter one was my favorite, I even added more peanut butter on top of the existing amount haha.
I’m not a fan of tea. Hot Tea, Iced Tea, I never loved tea, but the Chai Spice Tea definitely does its job! I like that it’s caffeine free.
And finally the Munch Crunch, I put it in yogurt, and ice cream! I’m a fan!
Now, what are YOUR breastfeeding favorites? Please share! I would love to know!

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