Great Workbooks for Kids Ages 3 and Up


Hey everyone! So before I start talking about the workbooks I’m suggesting I wanted to say that I have used them all either in the classroom when I used to teach Elementary School Full Time and/or at home with my own kids.

I also wanted to share some tips on how I used the workbooks, especially in the classroom as a teacher!

So when it comes to the classroom of course the teachers have a curriculum to follow and teach from, but I always had extra resources and things to pull from for either extra practice for my students, or to send home with my students who needed some help with a standard or skill we were teaching.
One of the things I used to do use were workbooks! I used to own at least 3 copies of each workbook I used with my students.
1 copy I tore apart completely and put the pages into sheet protectors and organized them by skill and/or standard – this made it super easy to find a page to supplement a lesson, and it was also super easy to use when I was making class sets of copies to pass out to my students.
1 copy I used as a key – I went ahead and completed the whole book with all the answers, so when it came down to grading I didn’t have to remember answers or try to figure out answers as I was grading, they were all already there for me to just use to grade.
And finally the 3rd copy I left intact – in case I lost a page, or a fellow teacher wanted to borrow it, I kept it new and blank!

I hope that these books and tips help facilitate your homeschool journey!
Here are the books I like.

I’ve always love the Brain Quest Workbooks! I used to have them in school when I taught. They also have awesome card decks to use in the classroom.
I used those cards as a brain break for my students, and they got the opportunity to earn class tickets and/or table points when answering questions right.
I like that the Brain Quest books include multiple subjects, including Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.
Here are the workbooks from grades Pre-K to 5th Grade:

If you know me and my kids you know that we LOVE Disney!
I found these Disney Themed Workbooks at BJ’s and I loved them so much!
All the lessons have different Disney Characters on the pages and if your kiddo is a Disney fan, this workbook is a must have!
With lots of different skills to learn from, this is a great workbook to use!
Here are the workbooks from grades Pre-K to 3rd Grade:

I used to use the Big Preschool Workbook with my students when I taught VPK.
These pages are full of colors and cute lessons!

I love Scholastic so much! Ever since I was a student myself I loved the Book Fairs at school, and my love never went away as a teacher.
Scholastic has so many wonderful workbooks and online resources available along with great books, but I really like their Scholastic Success Workbooks because they cover multiple subjects.
Here are the workbooks from grades Pre-K to 4th Grade:

I love this Little Thinkers Book because it helps little ones with important thinking skills like Compare and Contrast, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Matching and more.
This is a great supplemental book to practice thinking skills.

With Reading Readiness, Early Math, Science, ABCs, Writing, and more, this Preschool Scholar Workbook is great for the little ones.
Colorful pages and lessons, I like this book a lot!

This Preschool Basics Book is exactly what the title is, it teaches basic skills from Colors, Numbers, Counting, Matching, Classifying, Beginning Sounds, and more.

The Preschool Practice Scissor Skills offers a variety of more than 80 cut & paste exercises that will help your child practice scissor skills and other important basics such as story order, counting, matching, and beginning sounds.
Motor skills are so important for little ones to learn, and this book makes learning how to cut and paste fun!

This Preschool Math Workbook is not only super cute but awesome for the little ones to learn basic math skills such as number recognition, number tracing and counting.
“Circle the unicorns”, “Color and trace the numbers” and “Count the raindrops” are a few of the fun activities included in this book.

I used to love Highlights Magazine! Did you know that they have learning workbooks too and not just puzzle ones?
These are good for young kids to use as extra practice.
Here are the workbooks from grades Pre-K to 2nd Grade:

When it comes to Pre-K, most of these books can be used as daily practice when it comes to homeschooling or virtual teaching, but when it comes to Kindergarten and up, these are to be used as supplemental tools for extra practice and enrichment. Please make sure to use a curriculum either designed for homeschooling families, or if you are virtual teaching, make sure to follow the lesson plans sent to you from your child’s teachers.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and useful!

Happy Teaching!

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