5 Things I Love About Cricut as a Homeschool Mom

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a Homeschool Mama to two preschoolers is a hard job, but thanks to Cricut, my job is so much easier!
With my Cricut, craft time is a breeze! No need for me to stay up late at night cutting out shapes for our lessons, my Cricut Explore Air 2 has me covered!

Keep reading to check out the Top 5 Things I Love About Cricut as a Homeschool Mom!


With my Cricut Explore Air 2 I can print out labels for everything!
Labeling kids’ supplies is a must! Not only does it make the kids be able to get their own materials, it also keeps them from fighting over supplies, as they are responsible for their own things.
I also got to label my teaching supplies, like my Planning Book, my Teacher Toolbox and my Flash Card Boxes.
I love being able to keep everything nicely organized thanks to my Cricut!


Creating The Kids’ Own Personal Space

Just like I labeled all their material, I loved being able to put their names on their school desks.
Their desks look exactly the same, so doing something as simple as adding their names to their desks made them super happy!
There’s also a storage bin under their desks, where I keep their personal workbooks and extra materials, so it’s nice to know that they’ll always have their material wherever they’re supposed to sit!


Arts & Crafts Time

Arts & Crafts time is the kids’ favorite time of the day, so I feel kind of obligated to have at least 1 craft every single day – I mean, this is preschool after all, so they need to have as much fun as they can before school gets extra serious!
With the Cricut I can cut things like simple shapes for the kids to make crafts with!
One of the kids’ favorite crafts ever was learning their colors by stacking different sized circles, and then cutting them in half to make a rainbow.
They loved that project so much, but I can’t imagine having to cut all those different sized and different colored circles by hand!
And I know I could have never made them look like perfect circles like the Cricut does!
Same for our cute circle chocolate chip cookies craft – we got the perfect circles thanks to our Cricut!


Teaching the Alphabet

One goal I have for this school year is to make the entire alphabet out of cute letters made by the kids, and of course cut out by my Cricut Explore Air!
I am using Cricut’s “Cricut Sans” font to cut out all the letters – it’s free in Design Space!
For the first week of school, the letter we were learning was the letter S.
The kids were super excited to see a letter S become a snake!
I cut out a big letter S and a small letter Y in the “Cricut Sans” font for the body and the tongue of the snake – with some googly eyes, glue and paint, our S for Snake came to life!
I can’t wait to see the whole alphabet when we are done creating!


Decorating Our Homeschool Classroom

I feel like kids need a classroom looking space in order to thrive, especially when learning from home – there can be so many distractions, so a special learning place is a must for me!
With Cricut’s Print & Cut option I can easily make posters and banners to put around our at home classroom space and make it feel like a “real” school in here!
I also love being able to create my own unique material, and not having to settle for store bought supplies – I truly take full advantage of my Cricut Explore Air 2!

Some tips for creating with your Cricut Explore Air 2:

  • The Light Grip Mat is THE BEST for cardstock! It’s the perfect kind of sticky! It keeps your cardstock in place while cutting, but it’s a breeze to remove the finished project without having it get stuck and ripped while peeling.
  • Definitely invest on some Cricut Tools! Their Essential Tool is a favorite of mine and a must have! The 7-piece set includes all the tools you need to slice, snip, score, weed, burnish, and trim a wide variety of materials, it’s perfect for vinyl, paper, iron-on projects and more!
  • The Cricut Brayer is also a must have! You can roll your vinyl (and even paper) perfectly onto your mat without any bubbles or wrinkles!
  • The Cricut Removable Vinyl is the best for labeling furniture and different bins because since it can be easily removed, you can always re-label things or just take the vinyl off furniture when your kiddos are done with them and you can pass them on to another little one!

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