It’s A……..

So ever since I was younger I always thought I would have a son.
For some reason I’ve always had “I’ll have 2 boys and 1 girl” in my head.
So when I got pregnant I was like it’s probably going to be a boy, because I KNOW I’m a boy mom, I just KNOW I’m going to have a son.

When I first announced my pregnancy, everyone started telling me that they thought I was having a girl.
Most Old Wives’s Tales said girl.
I was like ok, maybe it is a girl!

Then as my bump grew everyone started saying they thought it was a boy.
“You have a boy belly, or you are carrying low and it’s usually a boy…”
So my “I’m a boy’s mom” thoughts started coming back and I was like ok, maybe it’s a boy!

Fast forward to the gender reveal ultrasound.
Yasmin (the tech) is super sweet, she was so confident in what baby was.
She took pictures, made me move to get other poses, kept my secret and did everything perfectly for Jaime and I!
After the scan Jaime and I were talking about it and I told him how I thought it was a boy because she wanted to get so many pictures, so I felt like she was trying to get penis pics, haha, there’s really not a better way to say it!
Then Jaime said that maybe she was just trying to get pictures in different angles to make sure that there was nothing there.

Ugh! Seriously! I was so confused! Was it a boy or a girl?!
I would have to wait 4 whole days to find out!

As you can see in my last post, the closer it got to the reveal day the crazier I was getting.
I was SO nervous!
Also, the fact that I had no idea of what my baby could be was bothering me!
How did so many other people have guesses?
How did they all have reasons to why they believed my baby was either a boy or a girl but I was sitting here clueless and getting all these different feelings in my head.
I didn’t understand.

I had dreams that it was a girl, twice.
Jaime did too, once.
Then after the ultrasound, that night I kept waking up, switching between genders in my dreams.
First it was a boy, then a girl, then a boy, etc.
The night before the gender reveal I dreamt that it was a boy again.

I made it very clear that I would have been happy with either gender.
Girl or boy, as long as it was healthy, being my first baby, I didn’t care.
I plan on having more kids, so I can always try for the opposite sex later, no big deal.

I would be happy with a boy first because then my future daughter (ideally I would have one of each) would have a big brother to take care of her and protect her, and everyone says “boys are easier”. Also, I would have a little lover, Mommy’s Boy to cuddle with all day.
I would be happy with a girl first because they are so much fun to dress up, and I would love a mini-me, and being a girly girl myself I would have so much fun with the nursery and picking out cute outfits and bows and stuff.

So… With all of that said… Baby is a GIRL!


Yes, we are happy! I’m happy, my husband is happy, he told me a boy would have been easy but a girl will be a challenge and so much fun.

I still believe I’m going to have a son, maybe not 2 because in my head it was always like ok, I’ll have 2 boys, try for the girl and get her the third time..
Well, I guess the little lady wanted to be first in line so she’s coming!!!

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