Emma – 15 Months

So although I wasn’t planning on doing updates this often (I combined 13 & 14 Months here) I cannot believe how much you are growing and learning every day, so I wanted to write down all the great (and not so great) things you have been up to this month, so one day you (and I) can look back and read all about it! 🙂

15 Months has by far been the sassiest month of your life! You get SO UPSET when someone tells you no, you yell NO NO NO back and throw a little fit. Sometimes you smack down on whatever is in front of you, table, couch, someone’s legs (bad girl!) or if you are holding something you throw it. You do not like hearing no. You open you eyes wide when you say no, it’s pretty hilarious. Daddy says it’s because I do it.

You don’t really say Mommy anymore, which makes me sad! The fact that I’m STILL your favorite person in the world though makes it better, haha! You say Daddy perfectly, and you just started to call him Jaime, hahahahaha! He hates it, but it’s so cute!

You can put puzzles together! You have recognized the same pieces for a while now, like you have known how to match an elephant to the elephant on the puzzle board, but you couldn’t turn and twist the pieces to make it actually fit. Now you can sit and do a puzzle all by yourself! 🙂 Your favorite puzzles are the Fisher Price animal ones.
(Farm Puzzle | Zoo Puzzle | Animal Puzzle)

You talk SO MUCH! You say a ton of words. You recently started saying “here you go” when you hand someone something, “thank you” when someone gives you something.

You can count from 1 to 10 all by yourself, you can kind of sing along to the ABCs, and you can repeat some colors but you don’t know what each color actually is yet.

You can recognize most animals, when I ask you “where’s the pig?” you can point a pig out on a book, or get a pig toy, and you can tell me what they sound like.
Your favorite animal sound used to be “baa”, you used to say every animal said “baa” haha, but now you love saying “meow”.

You like to watch Simple Learning Songs on YouTube and you like ChuChu TV, but Mommy thinks it’s sooooo annoying, specially the cat songs lol.

You are becoming a better eater, but still kinda picky, sadly. You now tell us when you want to eat. You either say “eat eat eat” or you walk up to your highchair and say “eat eat eat”. You repeat words 3 times a lot, haha. You love every kind of fruit there is, and you like to steal Mommy’s french fries.

You love Zoey, and you like Cooper too, but for some reason you favor Zoey. You call her all the time! You can’t say Cooper yet, so maybe that’s why you like Zoey better, but you just started to give them hugs and kisses and love on them. Zoey is scared of you, but Cooper sits there and takes it. You also like Dexter and you are not afraid of his spikes.

You like baby dolls, that seemed to be your favorite Christmas present! You went from 0 baby dolls to 3 in just one month. You are sweet with them, you hug the and say “awww” and you give them kisses too. You like putting their pacifiers in their mouth.

You are a pretty good listener, if Mommy says “give it to Mommy” you do it, and you like to open every cabinet in the house, but when we tell you “shut it” you listen too.

You had your first major “boo boo”! 🙁 You hit your face on the night stand and bit your tongue so badly! Mommy cried and cried and cried, I felt soooo bad! I know it will heal just fine, but it’s still the worst thing in the world to see you in pain, especially when Mommy can’t do anything about it.

Since we are talking about how much you’ve grown, here’s a look back at your first birthday board, look how much you’ve grown, and learned in just 3 short months!

Your beautiful board was made by Yesenia from Just Soul Happy.

Now you have 3 teeth, you have both bottom ones and a top one, and it looks like another top one wants to come in.
You hair is getting so long and wild. You still like to twirl it and pull on it, mostly when you are sleepy or falling asleep.


I cannot believe that in just 1 month you are going to be a Big Sister!
I know that you will love your brother, you have been practicing giving hugs and kisses and being sweet to your baby dolls. I think you’ll laugh every time he cries, because that’s what you do when you hear a baby cry lol! I blame “The Wheels on the Bus”!

No matter what, you will always be our Little Princess!
I know things will be different when your Baby Brother is here, but Daddy and I are ready to make sure that you always feel special and that you always know how loved you are!


I love you sassy girl! ♥
And I am looking forward to continue watching you grow every day.
I am so lucky to be your mama!

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