Things A First Time Pregnant Woman NEVER Wants To Hear…

So I wanted to write a post about what my pregnancy has felt like to me so far.
Today, as I write this I am 22 weeks and 4 days.
This is me before pregnancy:
Skinny Bikini
Petite, small, pretty flat stomach (which I didn’t really realize at the time)..
Fine.. I was skinny.
Now I’m not saying I’m huge right now.
I’m not saying that at all!
But compared to how I was before, I, personally feel big!
I know I am growing a beautiful baby inside my body.
My body is changing because it’s creating a life!
It’s an amazing thing, and I am so thankful and blessed to be able to do that.
I don’t regret it, I don’t take it for granted. I am excited, shit, I am THRILLED!!!!
I cannot wait to have my baby in my arms, and I already love her unconditionally.
That doesn’t mean that all these changes my body is going through doesn’t make me sad sometimes.
It’s very different, it’s weird, it’s not what I’m used to.
I’ve looked a certain way for 20+ years and now all of the sudden my body is changing, and changing so rapidly I can’t even keep up with it!
Looking at myself in the mirror, and seeing all these things my body is doing freaks me out.
Yes, I get over it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t pout about them, or sometimes want to cry.
And I am not ashamed to admit it.
One of the things I feel like I can’t do as a pregnant woman is “vent”.
And that’s sad to me.
If I say anything like “Oh man, I feel like I just ate 5 meals” after I have lunch I always hear it!
People really make me sound like I’m ridiculous.. WHY?!
Now I came up with a list, that applies to me, and might apply to some of you too haha..
Here are a few things I personally think a first-time pregnant woman NEVER wants to hear..
(And things I want to say to those people who tell these things to me.) Enjoy!
Pregnant Never Hear
1- Mom to be just finished complaining about something.
Veteran Mom says: “Ha! You just wait!” or “It gets so much worse, you’ll see…”
Ok, that’s great, I realize pregnancy gets harder and harder as you get bigger, but I’ve never experienced it before! So I’m taking this day by day, week by week, month by month. I’m learning to deal with it, my body has never gone through this before!!
Thank you though for making it seem like what I am currently going through is nothing.
2- Mom to be says she feels huge.
Veteran Mom (or anyone really) says: “Shut up, you are so small still!”
BUT I DON’T FEEL SMALL!!!!! I’m a small person, I get it, but to me, I feel huge, especially after a meal, I feel big, my body is going through a bunch of changes, my stomach feels like it’s going to explode. Awesome! I look small to the whole world, but I FEEL HUGE!
3- Veteran Mom: “Child Birth is the most painful, horrible thing EVER!!! But it’s so worth it!”
Why? Why do you need to say that to me? Of course it’s gonna be painful!!! And yeah it’s going to be worth it! The reason why I got pregnant in the first place was so I could have a baby!
4-Veteran Mom gives you gory details about labor or tells you a horror story about their experience.
OMG why!!! Why would you scare me like that? I am sorry you had a bad experience, but don’t tell me things like that, it freaks me out! It doesn’t help me, it doesn’t “prepare” me, it scares me!! Pregnancy is already scary as is, personally I am terrified of child birth and don’t want to think about it at all! I don’t need horror stories!!! Please stop! Tell me after I have my baby lol!! And look “it was so worth it” wasn’t it? Haha!
5- Mom to be says “Man, I miss lunch meat!”
Old-School Mom: “What? You can’t have lunch meat? That’s ridiculous! Back when I was pregnant we didn’t have to deal with this nonsense! Times have sure changed!”
Yup. Times HAVE changed. And that’s freaking awesome that you ate lunch meat your whole pregnancy and now you have a beautiful, healthy 30 year old who never had a problem, but if my doctor tells me to lay off the lunch meat, I’m going to listen to her.
This applies to any food, or anything that pregnant ladies ate or had back in the day, that’s now not recommended, not just lunch meat, that was just my example haha!
6- Mom to be doesn’t want to lift heavy items, climb up on tables for example, or do crazy physical things while pregnant.
Old-School Mom: “They don’t make them like they used to anymore, when I was pregnant I did it all!”
Goooood forrrr youuuuuu!!!!! But again, if my doctor tells me that I shouldn’t be lifting stuff, or I just don’t feel comfortable climbing up on stuff because I’m afraid of falling or something, I’m not going to do it. Period.
7- Mom to be is laying out, or posts a picture laying out.
Veteran Mom: “OMG! Make sure you drink plenty of water!” or “OMG! I hope you are protecting your skin!! The sun is evil!!!!’ or “OMG! You’re in the sun!!! Don’t overdo it!!”
Yes, I am keeping myself hydrated, and yes, I am protecting my skin, thank you very much.
I do those things when I’m in the sun regardless if I have a baby in my belly or not.
I’m pregnant, not stupid..
8- Mom to be is at a sushi place.
Veteran Mom (or anyone who knows pregnant chicks can’t eat raw fish): “You’re eating sushi? You know you can’t have sushi when you’re pregnant right?”
Correction- YES.. I actually CAN have sushi while pregnant. What I CAN’T have is raw fish, and there are plenty of sushi rolls and other menu items that are completely safe to eat.
But thanks for judging me for going out for sushi, trust me, I am dying inside wishing I could eat all the raw fish everyone else in my table is enjoying.
And the list goes on.. I’m sure as I get farther and farther into my pregnancy I’ll be hearing more things and the list will continue to grow.. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to write a part two!
Now, if you are one of those people who have said those things to me, it’s ok!!!
I don’t hate you for it, I’m not mad at you and I definitely don’t want you to come up to me if you read this and apologize because that will just be awkward, lol! Trust me, no hard feelings.
The reason why I wanted to write this post was because I need to tell myself the following things:
1- It is OKAY to feel how you feel! No matter what other people say, they are not YOU, everyone is different, everyone goes through things in different ways.
2- Everyone will have opinions, learn to take them with a smile.
3- You will probably be one of those “know-it-all” moms too after your first child. Control yourself!
The other reason I wrote this was also for those moms out there who totally get it, who can relate, and who will read this and get a laugh because that’s exactly how you feel too!!! Haha.
Don’t take me too seriously! ūüėČ

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