Emma – 7 Months

Oh my goodness I still can’t believe that you’re mine!!!
You are allllll MINE!
You are mine to kiss, and squeeze and (gently) bite all I want!
Seriously, part of why I wanted my own baby was so I could squeeze them all I wanted without looking like a weirdo squeezing other people’s babies, lol.

You are still so sweet, but definitely not as gentle!
You like to grab faces, bite noses and pinch Mommy’s boobs, haha!

Mommy is still your favorite – woo hoo!!!!!!
You only crack up with me, you smile when I sing to you, and you love being with me.

I feel like I have so much to say about this month, because this month you’ve had SO MANY firsts!
You were a food MANIAC, if you see someone eating you want it! So Mommy has kind of been sticking everything in your mouth so you can get a “taste”, obviously only things that are ok, nothing with a lot of seasoning or anything like that.
For example, you’ve sucked on bread, have tried teeny tiny pieces of plain flour tortillas, you’ve licked the inside of a thin Oreo, you’ve had a taste of vanilla ice cream and an Icee just to name a few.

Now, for baby food! You started solids and you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
You started with greens, per your pediatrician, and then moved to other things.
You didn’t love green beans, but you seemed to like peas, and you weren’t a fan of avocado either. You seem to like squash and sweet potatoes, but what you really really love are fruits! Your favorite food in the whole world right now are mashed bananas with breast milk. You ugly cry when you are done, haha!
You also love Yogurt Melts and Veggie Melts, and you just recently started eating Puffs, only the banana flavor so far.

I love you so much, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Weight: 14 lbs
Height: Not sure? You didn’t have an appointment this month so we’ll see next time!
Eye Color: Sometimes blue, sometimes green.
Hair Color: Brown
Diaper Size: Size 2
Clothes Size: 3-6 Months
Sleep: You are a big girl now and sleeping in your crib!!!!!!! And you sleep through the night, woo hoo!! During the week Mommy brings you in her bed in the morning though to nurse you and cuddle before work, and on the weekends you wake up later, and Mommy gets you to nurse you and sleep for a little longer.
Eating: 4oz of breast milk every 3 hours when Mommy is at work, then Mommy feeds you on demand when we’re together, in between you eat solids. You eat breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, with snacks, the rest is all breast milk. You love Puffs and these little banana cream wheel shaped things lol.
Likes: Crawling (Army Crawl), eating, putting everything in your mouth, being held, listening to Minnie Mouse’s voice, playing on your mat.
Dislikes: When your bananas end, staying on your back, sitting up (you’re so lazy!), being tired or hungry… But who likes that?!
Milestones: You are basically crawling, you can kind of hand feed yourself, grabbing your melts or puffs, almost standing, sleeping overnight in your crib, you can scream, you watch your hands and pay attention to them.
Firsts: First time celebrating Mommy’s birthday outside of her belly, first Easter, first time trying lots of different foods.
Personality: You are sweet, and loving, and you only complain when you need something. You’re basically perfect. ♥

Emma’s Monthly Watercolor onesie is from Chicly Growing and can be purchased here.
It’s a whole 12 Month set. I like that they’re ironed on, and not stickers, so as she gets older she can’t rip them out! Love it!!!

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