Emma – 3 Months

My cutie! You are getting sillier by the day!

When you smile, one of you eyes squint more than the other.
You’ve been pulling Mommy’s hair already and you have such a good grip, OUCH!
You gave Mommy such a hard time one weekend, you didn’t want to breastfeed, you only wanted a bottle. Mommy was so so sad! My milk production got low, but I just pumped and pumped and fed you as much as I could, switched bottles, oh man, you gave me a run for my money for 3 days! But, I toughened it out, and together we got everything to go back to normal! Now grandma switches off bottles every other day so you don’t get used to just one kind! You’ll learn really quickly that while you might be clever, Mommy is the cleverest of them all, just ask Daddy! ūüôā

Mondays are the worst, we spend all weekend together and then I have to leave you to go back to work for the week. I know I’m doing what I have to do to be able to give you everything you need and more, but I still feel so guilty. I cannot wait to spend all Winter Break with you.

You are sitting up much better, and you like to keep your head up too! We’ve been practicing sitting on the Bumbo, and while it’s not your favorite, you are a trooper.

I’m also looking forward to your 3 Month photoshoot! It’s so crazy to see how much you have grown and changed. I’m so thankful for knowing Auntie Bee, and having her create these beautiful pictures for us. Like she says, one day you’ll have the most awesome TBTs! You’ll learn about those one day, but I’m sure by the time you would be doing TBTs, something else will be cooler, haha.

You saw Santa for the first time, but you were more worried about the tulle on your shirt than Santa himself. He asked Mommy what she wanted for Christmas, but I told him I already got the best gift of all – YOU!

I love you the most!

– Mommy

Weight: 11.4 lbs

Height: 25 in.
Eye Color: Still Blue! But sometimes they seem gray.
Hair Color: Dark Brown.
Diaper Size: Size 1
Clothes Size:¬†0-3 Months usually, some 3-6 here and there and PJs are getting tight cause you’re getting long, so I’ve been buying 6 months which are a little roomy, but better to put on.
Sleep: Basically still the same as last month.¬†You sleep in your bassinet and on the weekends when you wake up super early Mommy feeds you and then lets you stay in bed to cuddle! I wake you up at 4:45AM to eat and once you get to¬†Vov√≥’s house you take naps.
Eating: Still every 3-4 hours. I let you sleep through the night or if you’re napping during the day for as long as you want, but I don’t usually let you go past 4 hours without eating, except over night.

Likes:¬†Minnie Mouse, your car seat toy bar, iPhones and iPads, when people talk to you in a silly voice, when mommy “steals” your nose. BATHS!
Dislikes:¬†Being hungry! When you’re sleeping and the dogs bark and scare you.
Milestones:¬†You found your hand, kind of, but you like to eat it when you do find it. You’ve been getting better at grabbing things, and you are definitely more aware of your surroundings.
Firsts: First Thanksgiving! First time seeing Santa.
Personality:¬†You are still so silly and cute, but your cries are getting louder and more intense. You love being held, but when you are hungry nothing makes you happy except for Mommy’s Milk!

Emma’s Monthly Watercolor onesie is from Chicly Growing and can be purchased here.
It’s a whole 12 Month set. I like that they’re ironed on, and not stickers, so as she gets older she can’t rip them out! Love it!!!
And I had to add this one of you and Zoey cause it’s just too stinkin’ cute!!!!
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