Emma’s 1st Birthday Wishlist

I seriously cannot believe that in just a few days I will be a Mommy to a ONE YEAR OLD!!
What is going on right now? How did time fly so fast?

I made a wishlist for Emma’s birthday, to help our friends and family who kept asking me what I should get her.
Most of these items are based on Emma’s likes, some are gifts I found that are popular with 1 year olds.

Above you’ll see some of the gifts I chose for her list, read below to find out about them.

1) Little Tikes Trike– I chose this trike because not only is it cute, it will grow with Emma.

2) Princess Palace– I’ve seen this castle in person and it’s adorable! I love the little music and sounds, and the bright colors. It comes with Cinderella, Belle and Belle’s Prince, but if Emma gets this castle, I want her to get all the princesses too! So here are the links for the other Little People Princesses:
Ariel & Aurora | Rapunzel & Tiana | Aladdin & Jasmine | Snow White & Dopey

3) Play Kitchen– I am IN LOVE with this play kitchen! It is so pretty!!!! I’m going to be honest, even though I know kids love bright and colorful things, I don’t. Especially for my house, especially when it will be on “display” LOL! I’m crazy, but this kitchen does it’s job, and keeps Mommy happy with how low key it is, haha.

4) ABC Puzzle– I cannot wait to start doing puzzles with Emma, and when I taught preschool one of the first things I worked on with the little ones was puzzles!
Here are a couple of other cool puzzles I added to Emma’s List:
Activity Puzzle | Silly Sounds Puzzle | Farm Sounds Puzzle | Zoo Sounds Puzzle

5) Mickey & Minnie’s Playhouse– We all know that Emma LOVES Minnie, so when I found this cute little playhouse I just had to put it on her list! I also asked for Daisy and Donald since they don’t come with the set.

6) Dance & Move BeatBelle– This little robot is cute, and hopefully she will help Emma get up, stay up, and dance!

7) Puppy & Friends Learning Table– I liked this table, it is bilingual and has a ton of different songs and sounds.

8) Megablocks– I think Emma will have fun building and knocking these blocks over with us, and of course I had to choose the girly colors for her! 🙂

9) Musical Instruments– Emma really really likes musical instruments, and I thought this set was cute and simple, but still fun for her!

Here’s the rest of the list in case anyone is curious, there are some things in there that I didn’t mention on this post. There are also a lot of small shop goodies I got for her, since shopping small is my favorite! 🙂

I can’t wait to see her open her presents on her birthday.
What were your kids favorite toys when they were 1?
I would love some suggestions! 🙂

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