Happy 1st Birthday, My Baby Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boy!

Today Mommy woke up sad because she had to leave you to go to work. I really wish I had the day off so I could just hang out with you all day and take you to do fun things.

We just got back from Disney so it was hard to get an extra day off, but soon I will be home for 3 weeks where we can enjoy my Spring Break together!

It’s hard to believe that you are already one! Everything about my pregnancy and your first year flew by so quickly! šŸ™

I don’t know if it’s because I have your sister to compare you to, she’s such a big girl already, but to me you are a baby baby! You still LOVE your Mommy the most, you like to be held, you like to be nursed, so, in some ways, you’re still my little baby.

You are funny, and sweet, and smiley. Oh my gosh your smile is truly the best! When you smile your big dimples on your cheeks cave in, your eyes get extra small, and your little bottom teeth poke out. It’s hard to not smile along right with you! šŸ™‚

You definitely have a temper! Oh boy, your temper! You know what you want and you want it when you want it and you don’t like taking no for an answer! You cry and scream and fuss until you get it. And it’s usually me you want.

I always think back to a quote I read somewhere about moms and their sons.. ā€œA son is a son ’til he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter all her life.ā€

It’s crazy to think that one day I won’t be your favorite girl anymore. Today, you are the person that loves me the most in this world. Really, nobody loves me more than you do.

Daddy calls us Norma & Norman Bates – you’ll find out who they are soon enough, lol!

You started walking so fast! At 10 Months! Today you run, and usually fall if you go too fast! But you LOVE walking. When we put you down you just GO! The only time you don’t want to go down is in the grass, haha! You get so weirded out, it’s so funny!

You don’t have a lot of favorite things, you are not a fan of TV or any shows, or toys, but you do like music! You like Galinha Pintadinha – it usually calms you down in the car when you’re upset. You love playing with your sister and you like to always have a toy or something in your hands.

Besides Mommy’s Milk you really like Goldfish! You eat Puffs and Yogurt melts but not as much as your sister used to. I thought she was a picky eater, but it looks like you got her beat! We just started giving you fruit snacks and you really really like them! You’re not a fan of those little kid pouches either, you mostly like to eat “real” food.

I am so happy that you came to make our little family complete. You are so loved Owen James! I can’t wait to watch you grow every year!

Love you sooooooo much,

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