Week 7 – Baby #2

How Far Along: 7 Weeks
Gender: No idea!
Weight Gain: None so far, not that I notice. I still have about 8 lbs from my first pregnancy, so starting weight this time around is 108lbs!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I’m sure it will be sooner this time.
Sleep: I wake up with Emma, and then it takes me a while to go back to sleep.. But I’m definitely more tired.
Best Moment This Week: Getting a positive pregnancy test!
Worst Moment This Week: Anxiety about having another baby, feeling guilty because of Emma.
Miss Anything: Not yet!
Movement: Not at all lol, but now that I know what it feels to have a baby move inside my belly, hopefully I’ll notice it sooner than later.
Cravings: Lunch Meat! But I know I can’t have any, boo!
Queasy or Sick: I don’t know if I was queasy because I was so nervous about finding out that I was pregnant again, or if I’m legit queasy because I’m pregnant lol.
Have You Started To Show Yet: Honestly, I feel like I am already showing, and I don’t care at all, but I don’t want people to start noticing yet! Because nobody knows.
Gender Prediction: I hope it’s a boy because not only do I want one of each, but because I would feel really bad for Emma having to share the “Princess” title, lol. Jaime swears it’s going to be a girl because he wants a son so badly lol! I hope he doesn’t jinx us. Of course I would be happy to give Emma a sister, a lifetime Best Friend, but I want a boy this time, and I’m not afraid to admit it.
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button In or Out? In, but it never looked the same as before I was pregnant lol!
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Both this time around!
Looking Forward To: Telling our families and friends!

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