Can I Make Money With My Cricut?

As a mom of 2 young kids, being able to supplement my income by using my creativity is so nice!
Thanks to my Cricut Machine, I get to pay for family vacations, toys and more fun things for my family with my additional income.

So to answer the question – “Can I make money with my Cricut?” – Yes! Yes you can!

I got my first Cricut Machine back in 2012 when I started working as a teacher.
I wanted to be able to personalize my classroom and hand make all of my decor and more.
So I asked my parents for a Cricut Machine as my graduation present.

I quickly saw that the possibilities with a Cricut Machine were pretty much endless, and started making fun things for myself and my friends, like cups and shirts, and more.
My friends started placing “orders” – asking me to create things for them or for gifts, and I realized that I could start a side business with my Cricut Machine… So I did!

I got engaged the following year, and I was so happy to be able to save my Cricut income to help pay for my wedding, and with my Cricut I was also able to create things for my wedding!

So – how CAN you make money with your Cricut?
Well, start creating, and sharing your work!
Social media does wonders and so do friends and family by word of mouth.

People are always looking for fun personalized items, and with your Cricut you can make it happen!

Here are some of my must have Cricut Accessories:
Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine
Cricut Maker Machine
Cricut Trimmer
Cricut Brayer
Cricut EasyPress
Cricut Cutting Mats Variety Pack

And here are some examples of things I have created for paying customers so you can have an idea of some fun things you can make to sell:

And so much more!!!! Like I said above, with a Cricut Machine – the possibilities are endless!

I hope that by sharing my experience making money with my Cricut Machine that you will feel inspired and just go for it! Good luck on your new journey – and enjoy that extra income!

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