Emma – 2 Months

Baby Girl you are 2 Months! TWO MONTHS!!! STOP IT! ūüôĀ

Even though I’m loving how more aware you are becoming, I miss my squishy baby who just slept on me all day! And it’s also sad that time just goes by so fast, next thing I know you’ll be running around, pulling Cooper and Zoey’s ears and destroying the house!

There is so much to write about this month, so get ready for a long post.

You are becoming so smiley now, which I love! You are also trying to “talk”.
It is the cutest thing and Mommy and Daddy, well, everyone melts when you smile.
Mommy tries to record you, but then you get distracted with the phone and stop.
You pay attention to things now, if Mommy is breastfeeding you while using her phone you look at the screen, you like to look at lights, and in the middle of the night when it’s dark in the room and you’re eating, you like to look at the ceiling and watch the shadows, so Mommy makes funny hand movements for you to see and you pay such close attention!
You also notice the TV and actually watch it, I can tell by looking at your little eyes that you’re paying attention.
Mommy and Daddy had their first night out on your 5th week, we went to Pedro and Caro’s wedding and you stayed with Grandma Bette at our house. You were a good girl and did a great job drinking Mommy’s Milk from the bottle!
You trick or treated for the first time on Halloween with your cousins. You only lasted about 1 hour and you slept most of the time. When you were awake you cried, and every time we stopped walking you cried. You were in the stroller dressed up, and you did manage to score some candy, but since you’re not allowed to eat any yet, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed them for you, haha.
You dressed up like Tinkerbell, Mommy was Wendy Darling and Daddy was Peter Pan.
Daddy made his costume all by himself, and insisted on wearing tights!
You went on your first road trip!
We went to Orlando so Mommy and Daddy could go to Halloween Horror Nights.
We waited until the very last day to go, but we really didn’t want to miss out, it’s a yearly tradition and I really can’t wait until you can join us! I hope you love horror as much as Mommy does!
You stayed at the hotel with Vovó and she said you were such a good girl!

When we got to the hotel we realized that Daddy didn’t pack the cooler (yes, it’s his fault even though he denies it) so I freaked out because all the milk I had pumped for you stayed home! I messaged the lactation consultant for help and went to the store and got you some formula to supplement the milk I was able to pump before going to the park. All was well!

You also went to your first “event”, Tia Fernanda’s Surprise Bridal Shower. You were so well behaved, you couldn’t even tell there was a baby there because you were so quiet.

Mommy had to go back to work this week. I cried and cried and cried.
I know you’re in great hands, Vov√≥ loves you so much, and you love her too, but Mommy wishes she could be the one taking care of you all day every day. After all, you are my baby, and I feel like that’s what Mommies should do, take care of their babies, that should be all Mommies jobs!
But you are doing awesome! Vovó sends Mommy and Daddy pictures and videos every day! You mostly sleep and eat, and sleep again and eat and sleep with a few diaper changes in between.

You have a love/hate relationship with car rides. You finally found the little pink owl that hangs on your car seat handle that sings and lights up, you stare at it and even though you make a funny face at it sometimes you seem to enjoy it, it calms you down.

I love you more and more every day, and when I think about you getting older I cry.
I hope you’ll always love me as much as you love me today.

You’re my favorite!
– Mommy

Weight: 10.14 lbs

Height: 24.5 in.
Eye Color: Still Blue! Hooray!
Hair Color:¬†Dark Brown, but it’s getting lighter.
Diaper Size: Size 1
Clothes Size:¬†0-3 Months but baby clothes sizing is so weird!!!!! Some 0-3 are too small on you, some are just right and some are too big! Go figure… You are long so your 0-3 PJs are getting tight and a pain in the butt to zip up/button up!
Sleep:¬†You have been such a great sleeper lately! You sleep in your bassinet and on the weekends when you wake up super early Mommy feeds you and then lets you stay in bed to cuddle! Now that Mommy is back to work, I have to wake you up at 4:45AM to eat! But once you get to¬†Vov√≥’s house you take a long nap!
Eating: Every 3-4 hours, but I let you sleep through the night for as long as you want, sometimes you even last 7+ hours! Wooo hooooo!!!!

Likes:¬†Mommy’s Milk, looking at lights, being outside, same as last month, but now you also like watching things like the TV, phone, any toys with lights and/or sounds. And I think you’re liking your MamaRoo better too! And you LOVE taking baths!
Dislikes: Getting out of the bath still! You get sooooooo mad!!!
Milestones:¬†You’re flipping over!! It’s so crazy! One time you did it and you scared yourself and cried so much, my poor baby!
Firsts: So many this time! First time away from Mommy for more than a few minutes, First Halloween, first time trick or treating, first road trip, first event. First time sleeping through the night.
Personality: You are feisty! You know what you want, and when you want it, you want it NOW!!! But you are also super sweet, and smiley, and cute, and delicious! Seriously, you are such a good girl! I hope you stay that way forever, my sweet baby.

Emma’s Monthly Watercolor onesie is from Chicly Growing and can be purchased here.
It’s a whole 12 Month set. I like that they’re ironed on, and not stickers, so as she gets older she can’t rip them out! Love it!!!
Emma 2 Months Close Blog
And Baby Girl didn’t cry one bit this time, hooray!
So here’s a super cute pic of her after she fell over haha.

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