What’s In My Baby/Toddler Bag?

Backpack | Lunchbox | Bib | Cup | Snack Cup | Sippy Cup Strap
Grip Mat | Snack Pouches | Baby GoldfishToy Along
Bottle & Container | Sophie Toy | Book | Biscuit Snack | High Chair Cover

This is a part 2 of my Basic Diaper Bag Must Haves post.

So obviously you can tell that I like matching sets lol! Emma has pretty much the whole Skip Hop Butterfly Collection, haha. I rarely take both the backpack and the lunchbox when we go out, I mostly take the backpack filled with all the goodies you see, besides the high chair/shopping cart cover, that one is usually in the diaper bag, or I just carry it in with me when we go to a restaurant or a store.

The snacks I included are Emma’s favorites, so those of course will be depending on your child’s preference. Emma can’t get enough Baby Goldfish, she could seriously eat a whole bag in a day if we let her! So I always make sure that I have some packed and in her snack cup wherever we go. I also love the Gerber snack pouches, it’s such an easy snack for on the go, no plates, no spoons, you just eat it up right from the bag! And then to alternate, I always have another type of snack in there, lately it has been these Gerber vanilla biscuits.

I also always pack a water bottle and a Twistshake Bottle & Container. The container is great for putting your formula in, or in our case – powdered milk, and it fits perfectly inside an empty Twistshake Bottle. The Twistshake Bottles are my all time favorites, especially for taking along with us when we go out. Use code ‘BUMPTOBABY20″ for 20% off your Twistshake order.

At a restaurant, the Nuby Miracle Grip Mat is a life saver! It sticks to the table so Emma can’t throw her plate down. Using the Nuby Miracle Grip Mat along with the Sippy Cup Strap, nothing ends up on the floor, making the restaurant experience with baby much easier and a lot less stressful! I usually always use a high chair/shopping cart cover when we go out, I use some toy alongs to hang toys from the cover.

Inside the bag I keep whatever toys Emma likes the most at the time, and books. My favorite books, (and Emma’s too!) are the Babylit Books. They’re so cute and colorful, Emma loves looking through the pretty pictures and flipping the pages. The Babylit Books are also small enough to fit comfortably in any bag.

You can check out my Diaper Bag Must Haves post here to see what I pack in our diaper bag.
Do you have any must haves to share with me?
For either your diaper bag or your toddler bag?
Let me know below in the comments! 🙂

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