12 Weeks Ultrasound!

Look who it is! Brand new pics! 12w0d.
The ultrasound tech looked at me like I was crazy cause I started cracking up when I saw it and she’s like you know, first time moms usually cry and I’m like you’ve never seen anyone laugh?
And she’s like not in my 30+ years!
Whoops!!! I couldn’t help it, I thought it was hilarious that there’s a baby in my belly that’s flipping like crazy and I can’t even feel it at all!
I felt bad, but I could not stop laughing!!! Baby was doing back flips!!! Like all the way around! It was hilarious!!!! The tech was like “Stop looking at the screen!!! Let me get the pictures of the head and the spine for the doctor!”
Jaime’s face made me laugh too cause he was so shocked! He had never seen an ultrasound like that before! And the fact that the baby was allll over the place turning around, sucking it’s fingers and flipping, I was dying!!
So that’s my story of seeing my baby for the first time ever.

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